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Your pet's favorite people-food nom-noms


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Ohio, U.S.A
My cats love anything green and leafy. A couple go nuts to eat the pineapple tops, so I have to immediately remove it. Don't know if it's bad, but it seems like it would be.
They're very glad my son still drinks dairy milk.
They do like potato chips.


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Anything he can get his paws on! Rascal actually doesn't get much "people food", but the way he's acting lately you'd think he did. I've been transitioning him over to a new brand of pet food, so I banned from from all scraps, so I can watch the amount he eats, his stomach reaction, etc, and make sure all is well with the new food. He's acting like he's starving every time we eat! (But he's doing great on the new food and should be allowed the occasional scrap again soon!)