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TV & Film Your least favorite overrated movies


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The Impossible with Naomi Watts was pretty good and it brought more attention to the plight of the people there I'm sure but I just thought they were going to show a lot more of the tsunami.

The movie was not really what I expected.:(


I liked that one line in Forrest Gump after he gets all the money, and he says, "One less thing to worry about" (paraphrased, I saw the movie a million years ago.) I thought that was a great attitude. :)
You should watch it again one of these days - a rainy day would be the perfect time. :) Good goddamn, I love that movie.
WTF was said at the end of Lost In Translation?? I want to know dammit!
There are 2 theories;

1. "I love you. Don't forget to tell the truth."

2. "This, above all; To thine own self be true."

As much as I hate that film, I prefer option 2, as it's from Hamlet, and earlier in the film, Bill Murray's character says he should "be doing a play somewhere."