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TV & Film Your least favorite overrated movies


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The Dark Knight Rises

I liked the first Dark Knight, but Dark Knight Rises just seemed cheesy to me. The plot was too complex for it's own good and they didn't even try to cover up all the holes in it, and the fight scenes were very poorly choreographed. Two adversaries who were both part of some super secret clan whose members are all ultimate bad asses at hand to hand combat and how do they fight? Mostly throw wide angled hay makers at each other over and over.


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We're no longer friends.

Actually, the last half an hour or so of RotK is heart attack territory. I would panic everytime the screen went black as I thought PJ has finished the film then. But I knew that it couldn't finish until Sam said "Well, I'm back". (As that's the end of the book.)
Not fair PJ, not fair.
I saw it in a crowded theater at the midnight opening. By the last hour and a half I was tired, needing to pee and craving a cigarette. I just wanted the damn movie to end so I could go use the bathroom, smoke, hit up Taco Bell and go to bed. :p

I tried watching it again a few times on dvd and tv and I still can't tolerate it.


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I will agree with There Will Be Blood, which is disappointing because I really love Daniel Day-Lewis.

As far as the LOTR trilogy - I always prefer to watch the extended versions. :devil:

The Sixth Sense. The "twist" was so obvious, I guessed it before I went in and I said it my husband which he did not appreciate.:oops:
I didn't guess it, but I really enjoyed that movie. However, after knowing the twist it sorta lost its oomph or whatever after the suspense/not knowing thing is all gone.

I guess the same goes for movies like it, like The Others.

Moll Flanders

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I don't agree with all of these, I really liked The Usual Suspects. In the UK annoying people wrote graffiti on the posters to give away the twist ending.:rolleyes::p I thought Ocean's Eleven was boring and my friend dragged me to see the second one and that was worse!


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love Napoleon Dynamite. and his brother.

another least favorite overrated movie is American Beauty.


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I disagree! There are some parts of that movie that are hilarious. Like when he does the dance onstage to promote the election!
Maybe if some = very few.

I liked the mention of Trapper Keepers, but other than that I remember it being kinda meh.
I was so confused about the timeline of that movie. Was it suppose to take place in the 80s?

another least favorite overrated movie is American Beauty.
I really liked that movie because it was so different and original. However, I can definitely see how others would disagree.

Amy SF

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Ghost. I just don't get why people love this movie so much. I understand Whoopi Goldberg won an Oscar for her part, but even her part is a little overdone, IMO. There are a couple scenes she's in that I'm willing to watch, but the rest of the movie just makes me wanna barf.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spottless Mind. Again, I don't get why people love this movie so much.