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Woolworths worker's suicide sparks call for inquest


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'I miss Daddy'
Workplace bullying claims another victim -
Kerensa Walsh has lodged a request with the Coroner's Court for an inquest into her late husband's death, amid concerns he was "subjected to sustained workplace bullying without any meaningful intervention by Woolworths".

Gino Andrieri, principal at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, acting for the family, said the connection between workplace bullying and suicide was a matter of public importance.

"It is the role of the coroner to investigate matters that are in the public interest and would promote public health and safety. The dangers of workplace bullying are well known and the significant trauma caused, particularly in regional communities, is far-reaching," he said.

"Despite greater public awareness and consequent legislative reform, further coronial recommendations addressing the importance of preventing serious workplace bullying would of course be welcome."


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I've done Google research on harassment in the workplace. What I have found is there is little one can do. A lot of what goes on at work is very insidious. But I've been amazed at what people can get by with. Even yelling and name calling. California is a fire at will state and we seem to have little protection here.


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Marlene Braun at the BLM in California is a sad example of what can happen with workplace bullying.