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Why Is Starbucks So Popular? Other Coffee Shops?

I drink decaffeinated usually. The caffeinated version doesn't keep me awake or alert so there's no reason to have it, plus it occasionally brings on migraines. Also, when you order decaffeinated frappuccinos at Starbucks, it's fresher and has less chemicals than the regular one. They use a prepackaged frap mix for regular coffee, but have to make it fresh for decaf, or so I've been told.


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Anyone know why Starbucks uses Italian names for the sizes of their beverages? Like venti which apparently means "twenty" in Italian and is their name for a 20 oz. cup.


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Grande, Venti & Trenta: What Do the Starbucks Names Literally Mean? | Dictionary.com Blog

And a response here:

Brendan - October 13, 2015 - 9:44 am
Starbucks Barista here. This article is many sorts of wrong. :| Firstly, Venti is 20 ounces. Only the Venti iced cups are 24 ounces to account for the additional ice added, but don’t worry, everyone orders light ice or even no ice at all in fear of being jipped without realizing this… or the fact that Venti Iced espresso beverages also receive an additional shot of espresso to account for your now icier beverage.
Everyone forgets the size short(8 ounces)… There’s a short size. It’s that tiny cup you get shots of espresso or kids sized drinks in. You are very well able to order all hot beverages in a size tall if you please. Accordingly, the Starbucks foundation was built on the experience of the founder’s time in europe. When he visited Italy he admired the cafe culture there and wanted to bring it to North America. So he did, except North American mentality is more is more. Originally, Short and Tall were the sizes offered. Then they introduced the Grande size which was still not enough so they added the Venti and then eventually the Trenta for iced Beverages.
For those here mocking the idea of Trenta beverage. You’re right but let’s also remember that starbucks sizes are typically smaller than most of its competitors. As we are reminded often by our not so loyal customers.


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I go to Starbucks a few times a year, usually only when I have a giftcard. I can't really afford the expense.

-they're the only place in my town that offers plant milk

-they have a million locations. They're everywhere

-nice places to have a relaxing, no pressure meeting with someone and chat

-nice treat

-cheaper than eating a meal out if you really want to get out and meet up with someone somewhere.


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It's obscenely expensive. I go, maybe, twice a year.

Son may be working there, again, very soon. I told him he has to make them get the Just Cookies. [emoji3]


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vancouver mug.jpg

I enjoy having a mug of espresso with cream in my Starbucks city mug.

It really is by far the best cup of Starbucks coffee.:p


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The cafes serving drinks with 25 teaspoons of sugar per cup | Business | The Guardian

Wow, I wouldn't have thought that drinks like that would contain so much sugar.
I saw this on Sky earlier on , where they interviewed people in the High street. Not one single person managed to guess the huge
amounts of sugar that the drinks contained :

Up To 25 Spoons Of Sugar In Cafe Hot Drinks

It is not hardly surprising that the UK has the highest obesity population in Europe.


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I don't patronize Starbucks, but this is to put any fans at ease, just in case you may have heard/read something disturbing recently....

These claims are FALSE.


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I don't know! :shrug: It's so freakin' expensive!
I'll sometimes get a good coffee I can customize myself at Speedway gas station! They have varieties of fresh made coffee and syrups. I don't take cream anyway-I guess that would make a big difference. I should suggest they get some almond creamer!


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I confess to being a Starbucks fan, but I'm doing my darndest to cut back, mostly for financial reasons. :D I haven't had one in a couple of weeks, so that's pretty good. I got some Starbucks gift cards for Christmas, but I'm going to stretch them out as long as possible. I figure I can make them last most of the year if I go only once every few weeks. :D