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When's your Veggieversary?


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:) you could just pick a day/month/year I guess? I don't know when mine is exactly either, just what age I was (11) and what time of year.

I didn't really think about it until recently when I thought, hey I've been vegetarian nearly a decade now! Next year I'll have been vegetarian longer than not vegetarian which will be kinda cool. Maybe I'll celebrate it!


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I don't celebrate. Or rather I celebrate every day by continuing down my chosen path. I went full fledged veg*n in July of 2009. I only remember that because it was at my 35th birthday that I had the sudden realization that I didn't need to eat meat to please others any more.


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I don't really celebrate either, but it's nice to acknowledge it. It's an actual accomplishment rather than just being born (which we had nothing to do with).

It's like when I acknowledge every extra year that I've quit smoking (which as it turns out is the same year I went veg, May 3rd, 2005 for quitting smoking, and Oct 11, 2005 for quitting meat).

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I celebrate my vegan anniversary usually by going to a vegan cafe and eating cake. It's the day before World Vegan Day too.:starshower:


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19th August 1985 - it would have been sooner, but I was forced to eat "meat" when I was a young kid. :sniff:

It's something I always think about when people complain about parents "forcing" their kids to be veg*an.


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Sometime in mid November.

Do people actually celebrate this or something?
I throw a huge party! I'm kidding. Sort of.

The reason why I remember the exact dates is because I was eating veg for a few months but not calling myself vegetarian yet since I just wasn't sure if I would mess up and give in at someone's house or something. Back then I was super shy about saying no to whatever someone was serving at their place. I rarely ate at someone's house but I just wasn't sure if I would be assertive enough. Anyway, I was learning about veganism at the time also and was just amazed that people could give up everything from an animal. Growing up where I doubt my mom ever made a single dish that was vegan, and rarely anything vegetarian, I just didn't know how people could do it and what they ate. So I was getting vegan cook books and exploring it. Since I was fascinated by it my husband took me to a vegan restaurant for my birthday that I'd been talking about. While we were eating and I thinking about the waiter being vegan and looking at other customers I thought to myself "If people can be vegan, then the very least I can do is commit to vegetarianism." and from that day on I never touched anything that wasn't vegetarian and made myself assert myself in social situations. I had pretty bad social anxiety which is what also played into why it was scary for me to take that last step that involved being assertive in certain situations.

With veganism I was also pretty much vegan before actually calling myself a vegan because I was traveling across country for six days with six dogs and staying in some pretty rural areas and we were going to eat dinner at a restaurant every night to unwind and get some time away from the dogs before having to settle them into the hotel room for the night. I wasn't too sure if I would stick to veganism during that trip so I didn't want to call myself a vegan just yet. A few days after we arrived in our current city, which was October 1st, I started telling everyone I was vegan.

So when I went vegetarian and then vegan I don't really know since it was transitional and I was before I started labeling myself with them but I just always wanted to make sure I wasn't going to screw up.

I do sort of celebrate when I went vegetarian since it was the first step on my path to veganism but it's also my birthday and it was sort of like a new beginning for me I guess so it's usually included in my birthday celebrations.


I know it was the day before Thanksgiving, but I'm not sure of the year, embarrassingly enough. My son thinks it was 2001. :oops: