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When's your Veggieversary?


not my business.
Mine is somewhere between October 20th and Oct 31st 2010. I suspect that it was Monday, October 25th. I always say 25th Oct as my anniversary :broccoli::tomato: . I had my 18 month on May 25th....


not my business.
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I was raised vegetarian (but not quite from birth) so I'm not sure when my veggieversary is.

My veganversary 4 April (2010).


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Never occurred to me to keep track of it really. Especially with a sort of gradual and not really intentional change.


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The last day I ate meat was on June 22nd, 2010.
So I guess my veggieversary would be the 23rd then.


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Vegetarian - Feb 15, 2002
Vegan- July 1, 2012, and counting.... Technically the couple days prior were vegan as well, but I am calling it official at the start of this month.

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October 1989. Actually 'sometime in the fall', but October seems about right. Plus Oct 2 is Gandhi's birthday and Oct 1-7 is International Vegetarian Week, so October seemed appropriate.


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Came late to it, I wish I had realized how good veg*nism is, I'd have changed years ago. 8/17/11.
Same here. Not even a year ago as it was last September. I have no idea what day it was so lets say 01/09/2011 :smitten:


I don't remember, other than that I was still eating shellfish (having cut out all other animals species by species) at the beginning of 1990), but no longer by the fall of that year.