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When's your Veggieversary?

Lord Snot

Parsley Provider
Mine is easy to remember. I went vegetarian just after Christmas, 28th December 2007.

Record your go-veggie date here and before you know it, you'll be celebrating your golden veggieversary ;)

Lord Snot

Parsley Provider
I didn't think this out too well, none of us are new vegetarians! I'm moving this to the veggie forum.


Addicted Poster
I can't believe I didn't remember!
I did make the Mongolian Seitan from Chloe's Kitchen! I added my adaptions in the making seitan thread!


Addicted Poster
Veggieversary, err about 10 years ago. It was the summer before I went to college.
Veganversary, officially January 1st 2007 but I was vegan before, that was just my last official "no cheating" day even though I hadnt cheated for a while.


I love rabbits.
I was late to this party - February 2010 - but oh so happy to have made it!

Edit: I'm planning on January 2013 being my veganversary.


Peacefully Vegan and Proud
Since I have had several mishaps the last few years when I wanted to start and major distractions, I am using the Weekend of the Veggie Fest in Chicago IL the start of my Anniversary. That gives me a month to change things around for sure and to plan stuff. I am reading to take the plunge like I said on my own thread.