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What's in your Garden?


Beach bum
My basil plant has a few more batches of pesto left in it, I think. I have 10 in the freezer so far. I'm hoping to get 4 or 5 more batches. This week will be warm, so it should be ready for cutting by the weekend. Next year, I'd like to try some vegetables, maybe tomatoes and peppers. My neighbors have a raised plot with a wood border. I like that idea rather than digging in the ground. It'll be easier on my back. :D


The eggplants and tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. I picked two eggplants and turned them into Italian style pickled eggplant. Three jars in the fridge. I have to wait 24 hours before they're ready to eat. Can't wait!


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Upstate New York
I suppose that if you don't have a nice loam, you have problems of one sort or another. I've had to deal with clay more than sand- but not far from where I live, there are sandy areas, and gardeners there have to add lots of leaves and stuff to the soil so it holds moisture and plant nutrients better. Clay is tough to work because it's so heavy and it's even worse when it's wet.