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What's in your Garden?


So sorry about your garden bed.:hug: But.. now that you're a specialist in this matter,- you'll build another one more quickly!:woo:
Btw, remember, i showed you our "yellow orbs", and you said they were Jerusalem artichokes? It appeared to be, you were right!:up: They are quite wild, but still...
And... i'm going to grow swiss chard this year on our summer cottage plot. Be prepared that i'll be asking for your advice.:D
Oh yes, I've grown Swiss chard before. Feel free to ask away!

I might build some sort of structure for my parents' garden. I've been wanting to do more woodworking, and it'll help keep me occupied.


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I'm sorry you won't be able to use your raised garden bed, @Katrina . But I hope you have a productive garden at your parents' place.

@Val I hope you like Swiss Chard. I've grown it, and it's easy to grow. You can cut some of the leaves off and the plant keeps growing more; it tastes like spinach or beet greens. In fact, it's closely related to beets.


@Val[/USER] I hope you like Swiss Chard. I've grown it, and it's easy to grow. You can cut some of the leaves off and the plant keeps growing more; it tastes like spinach or beet greens. In fact, it's closely related to beets.
Thanks:hug:. I actually like swiss chard, but i haven't had a chance to grow it myself yet. Not a single salad i make can be without swiss chard. I like its taste very much. The second reason i use it so much is that i'm too picky when it comes to leafy green vegetables: i can't stand arugula or lettuce, i'm not keen on spinach. I do like kale, but unfortunately, it's merely unavailable now. I tried long pea sprouts, but didn't like them. I eat a lot of various raw cabbage though. Napa-cabbage is quite watery either (i just don't want my mega-salads to be too dry:p). I'd willingly eat bok choy, but there is no bok choy here (anywhere).:shrug: What about swiss chard,- it's pricy, but it's worth it: a huge box costs ~$3. I'm not sure that growing it would be practical,- i'll still have to buy it, but i wanna try and make this effort.:woo:
P.S...At least, even when there's no "grass" in the grocer available, i can always have white cabbage (and raw beets).:D I'm a bad girl at the moment: i'm not germinating my sprouts, though i have all the conditions for it (a 2-module hydroponic sprouter). I guess, it was just stress and winter, that were keeping me from growing sprouts for so long.
Hehehe, right now i'm devouring a salad with a bunch of baby swiss chard.:drool:


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I love spinach, but for some reason, I just can't get it to grow! It's the same thing with broccoli: another healthy, tasty (to me) vegetable, either raw or cooked... but I can't get it to grow.

Kale does well for me, though; like spinach and broccoli, it supposedly doesn't like hot weather, but it seems to like the weather in upstate New York. I even collected seeds from some of our plants, and I have one kale plant in my window garden; I repotted it into a bigger pot less than a month ago and I think it's putting on a spurt of growth. I also have a few mustard green plants. I munched a few leaves (tasty, and fresher than I can get in the store), but left enough on the plants so that they've been blooming and setting seed. The flowers are small, but kind of pretty, and they smell nice. (The little yellow petals make a bit of a mess on the floor). My cherry tomato plant has blooming also, but it isn't setting fruit.


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Here is the beginnings of my 2019 gardening!

The lettuce from seeds is doing well!


Flower bed. I still need a couple more flowers I think.


Flower bed on the other side of my patio. The flowers from seeds seem to be doing well here!


And the tomatoes! I will probably have to separate them into separate pots eventually. For now they can share a big one.



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Just getting started with my gardening exploits :)


Mind you - I am more hopeful and naive than knowledgeable. Bought some seeds, put them into seed pots, hope something will come from it.


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It's still too cold to plant here, but I will be doing basil and maybe some other herbs in pots this year. I had a great year last year with the basil. I still have a container of pesto made from my basil in the freezer. I had pesto at least once or twice a month all winter. :)


Really nice, Chryssie!

I don’t have anything in my garden yet. It’s too cold. But I did get out there today and did some cleanup in preparation for the realtor on Friday.

I have to be honest...I think I hate gardening more than anything. It was torture. :(


Actually I do have stuff in my garden...a few shepherds hooks and wind chimes. I have one chime that I love. I hear it during the night when it's windy. It sounds like a bell you would hear out at sea...do lighthouses have bells? Buoys, maybe? It makes me think of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. <3