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What's in Your Fruit Bowl ?


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Persimmons ( Hachiya variety which I don't really like as they are astringent) a banana plus a Navel orange.
Avocado, oranges, limes, lemons and Granny Smith apples. I have more lemons and bananas being delivered tomorrow.

I read the other day that you can buy bananas with edible peel, but they cost £4 each!


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Yum, I'm having a smoothie with 2 oranges, frozen banana, almond milk and ice. :lick:

Haha, why?:rofl:
Because, I swear...I bought one and it was already soft. I waited and waited until it almost started looking like it was going bad, it was that soft and even had two spots on it that looked like they were turning brown. So I figured, cool...I’m finally going to get a taste of what a persimmon is really like! So the first bite was awesome...so sweet and juicy. No cotton mouth. But by the third bite, bam! There it was...that disgusting thing it does to your mouth. I almost thought I was having an allergic reaction, lol. I had to go brush my teeth and gargle with mouthwash to get that feeling out of there. WTH...why?!?! Why?!?! :lol:


Granny Smith apples, tunisian dates, gooseberries; our own strawberries, rhubarb and black currant.:)


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Just apples, bananas and peaches. Nothing fancy.

I also have blueberries and strawberries in the fridge. Does that count?