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Whatcha Eatin?


We ate them very often ove rhere as they taste very sweet and are inexpensive.
Eeeehhh..., we are deprived of them until next autumn, as Belarus vendors, who were selling them at subway stations, have disappeared already. And what is sold in grocery stores in vacuum packs - is utterly inedible, and too sweet, in general.:sigh:


Salad of raw savoy cabbage, red beans and pink Azeri tomatoes with green plum Tkemali sauce.
Pickled jalapeños.
Iranian dates.
Boiled sage (instead of disgusting juices, yaaaay!).:pig:
P.S. I absolutely adore boiled sage and see nothing wrong in drinking liters of it at night: it's not only tasty, but it cleans guts, helps digestion, reduces constipation, lowers blood pressure, reduces liver inflammation, helps the immunity, cleans urinary tract, helps against COPD, etc., etc. :woo:
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