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Whatcha Eatin?


It's my birthday today so we're going to have a full breakfast with sausages, beans, mushrooms, hash browns, tea & toast :D


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I want pizza :rolleyes:
Just finished a bag of 'lightly salted' pistachios! I miss the salt---but they were on sale and all that were left
Beets in Instant Pot


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Chickpea purée with carrot sticks. Leftover nut roast on sourdough,ww toast plus a drizzle of cranberry compote.
Apple purée with vanilla flavoured,plant based custard.
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20 min. ago:
"Turkish delight" made of nuts and condensed boiled pomegranate juice;
Dried kiwi, Kuraga; Dried papaya;
Epic black amaranth-veggie soup;
Pickled yuba;
Georgian-style cabbage.:lick:
For today's lunch:
Mega-salad of raw shredded beets, azeri tomatoes, raw broccoli and a bunch of big pea sprouts;
Hummus on "veggie" bread;
Pickled jalapeños.:rp:


What's this for val? Can you not put them in a delicious smoothie instead? :)
I think i can... in the visible future.:D I'm just getting used to the effect they have on me. (I've already eaten 1¹/⁴ packs). I'm not a big fan of smoothies, to be honest, while i like jelly a lot. I need chia, because i realized that they help me with my permanent problem: they boost my super slow metabolism and increase production of stomach acid (considering my zero acidity), which is not bad at all.:yes: I've also tried psyllium, and it helped as well. So, while other people are suffering from heartburn because of high acidity, i'm digesting my food like a stuffed boa constrictor.:p (But raw food digests itself very well,- due to autolysis, i guess, lol:innocent:).

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