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What to do with miso


Stranger in a strange land
Recently, someone commented about being hesitant h buy miso because it comes in large containers and they never use it all.

That started me thinking about the various ways I use miso.

I seldom use salt; generally, if I feel the need to add salt to a dish, I add some soy sauce or miso instead, because in addition to saltiness, they add another layer of flavors. That holds true for soups, stews, sauces, casseroles, sautees, marinades, etc.

Thinned miso can be brushed on root vegetables prior to roasting.

A very simple salad dressing from Veganomicon: equal parts miso and tahini, thinned with water to preferred consistency. Add fresh ground pepper and/or garlic and/or other seasonings of choice.

This is a surprisingly good salad dressing, and my go-to when the salad is going to be my meal, rather than just a side dish.

Please add more miso-using ideas!