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What are you craving?


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Ohio, U.S.A
I used to love granny smith apples, now they turn my stomach- at least the last couple times they did o_O
I have no idea. It's Sunday and I want to make food for the week. I know I need to prep veggies for salads as I have those kinds, have some great northern beans cooking, maybe make red cabbage and noodles

I really crave salty processed carbs as usual- but this time I say NO! :ttth:

I did just go to the discount store and got more Beyond Brats :leer:


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Mmm, chocolate cake. :D
I am craving fresh veggies, especially greens. I want Swiss chard, bok choi and spinach, among other things. It's time for summer salads. :)


Those look great!
Yeah, unfortunately, i'm unable to satisfy my cravings, as mulberries don't grow here. This picture is downloaded from VK, from another Armenian thread. The only mulberries we can get, is white mulberry chutney (whole berries) in a very sugary and sticky syrup. On the New Year eve, i bought (in a vegetarian shop) a jar for Liza as a gift, because it increases production of breast milk. But... i remember mulberries quite well. When i was little, we used to grab big bowls of "shelkovitza" ("silken tree berries") from our Armenian hosts' tree when we were staying at their house for summer vacations. Those were the days...:sigh: :ma:


Sweet baked goods like pie or cake. I saved a recipe for chocolate cake made with avocado and a pumpkin spice coffee cake. I guess it’s good that I have no motivation to do anything because otherwise I’d gain fifty pounds.


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Ohio, U.S.A
I was craving tamarind rice but cooked Trader Joes brown basmati forgetting why I haven;t used it up- it turns to mush at the same time as Aldis' turns out perfect! Now I have a lot of mushy rice.
Remember the rice fries in the 70's? I think they were Ore Ida. I luvvveed them!