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No, it has to be stewed.
It's very difficult to find over here as nobody grows it so I usually buy it frozen.
People over here cook with rhubarb sometimes too (like pies, cakes, chutney, compote, juice and even soup). I think it's great, that they eat it, but i look at cooking such a precious "vegetable" as at a waste of resources of some sort.:???: You're right: it's not easy to grow,- it likes cool shade. But we've always been lucky in this matter: we've always had a few shrubs in our summer garden. Now Gala is trying to revitalize them (the shrubs), as they get weak through decades. Plus, snails really love rhubarb, unfortunately. And there are malicious worms deep in the soil, sometimes (they are scary looking,- we call them "provolochniki" - "wire-like-ones"). They eat rhubarb and black currant roots. OTOH, the most favourite food of these cute snails is KHRJEN (horseradish).:p


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Our kind of people!;) Do you like raw rhubarb (as it is, just from the garden)?:lick:
I used to eat raw as a kid. There was a wild patch of it behind a friend's house, and we used to raid it regularly. So tangy/sour and crunchy. I've always been a fan of sour.


I didn't know until a few years ago that rhubarb was a vegetable. I didn't know you could eat it raw.
Aha, our northern rhubarb, that grows on clay soils, is the most delicious, because it's extremely juicy and sour.:p I tried Israeli rhubarb, but it has nothing in common with the "true" one, hehehe.:pinkelephant:


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I love sour food too! (Everybody here knows that rhubarb leaves are poisonous, although the leaf stalks are good to eat- right?)

And yes- there's something about strawberries... they're great raw or even frozen, but they just don't hold up to cooking very well the way rhubarb, apples, peaches, and sour cherries do in a pie. (I bet a pear pie would be amazing. I wonder why nobody seems to use them in pie? Maybe it's been tried, and it wasn't so amazing at all... except perhaps amazingly bad...)

I miss the snack foods that I don't have at home (like nuts, chocolate) because if I buy them I eat them uncontrollably even when I'm not hungry and therefore have to periodically avoid them.
I'm the same way. When I buy certain kinds of nuts, I have to buy small quantities so I don't devour them all. If I didn't live near a place I could buy them, I'd probably only get them when I happened to be in the area where they were sold. (HEY!!! I've got a brainstorm... how about inventing some sort of safe/dispenser which you can stock up with a food/snack that you don't trust yourself around, and it gives you a ration of this food each day? I just KNOW comedians would make jokes about this thing...) :D

I have had wild mushrooms grow in my own garden! I don't dare eat them incase they are poisonous but it seems sad that we get these mushrooms from the supermarket, transported with fossil fuels and packaged in polystyrene, when thereis a mushroom in the garden.

I did once take some photos and start trying to contact people to see if they were safe but it was taking too long and I don't think I would dare without meeting an expert and showing the actual sample face to face.

I did have a plan to eat a tiny piece of one one day and if I didn't get sick a bigger piece the next day and if I didn't get sick a whole one the next day and if I didn't get sick a bunch of them the day after that. I'm not sure if that works. I'd still want to get them checked out though.
Yep. I love mushrooms, but I'm not confident in my ability to identify them. And I think some kinds might even be chronically toxic, so that eating a little at a time to see whether you got sick might not work. At least, some kinds don't give you any symptoms of poisoning until it's too late to have your stomach pumped. Also, some wild animals can eat mushrooms that will kill humans, so it wouldn't help to observe what mushrooms the local animals were eating.


At least, some kinds don't give you any symptoms of poisoning until it's too late to have your stomach pumped. Also, some wild animals can eat mushrooms that will kill humans, so it wouldn't help to observe what mushrooms the local animals were eating.
I wouldn't eat suspicious mushrooms just to check them out for poison containts.:p Some of them are so poisonous that they will kill you right away, in a few minutes. For instance, inexperienced people in our area often mix up certain varieties of death cap with honey agaric. Large number of accidental deaths occur because of poisoning with death cap. There are also a lot of so-called "relatively edible" mushrooms. Paxillus (Pig's mushroom) is the one of relatively-edible-or-poisonous mushrooms. But it's russians' beloved mushroom, and warnings don't work. I still remember this sweet taste. We used to devour tons of Paxillae back in the day. Pig's mushroom saved thousands lives during/after the hard times of "Perestroika".:worms:

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Tom, it has crossed my mind that it would nice to have a small safe for snack foods that you could set with a timer so you couldn't get at it until the next day! I'd put half a can of Pringles in there. Pringles were so addictive that I eventually started to wonder if they had secret addictive chemical in them although maybe it's just a hefty dose of MSG. I eventually decided to stop eating them altogether.

I was told at the recyling centre today that they don't accept the cans (my son still eats them, although it is a copy not the original brand) which is a shame and I had to toss them in the trash. In the past, they've taken them as Tetrapak.


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The Beyond Meat brats, with sauteed peppers onions and FYH smoked gouda on a hoagie roll.
If I can control myself the next two days I'll get some this weekend :lick:


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I want pizza, all day, every day. amy's makes a delicious pizza. I need it
If you haven’t tried American Harvest vegan pizza, and you can find find it in your area, you should. It’s amazing. I have two of my Omni friends buying it now, over dairy cheese frozen pizza.