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What are you craving?

I was going to start a thread like this on here yesterday!:)

I am craving tofu a lot lately, I have a third of a block left downstairs but I'm trying to keep it for tomorrow as I already had tofu today.

I saw huge oranges on a programme today and I would love a beautiful, juicy orange to eat.

There is a little Turkish kebab shop a bus ride away that has lovely pitta bread, fresh salad, houmous and hot chips (fries) and it is completely delicious. I haven't been there in while but I used to go there after a shopping trip to refuel.

I think about food a lot.:D


Only Kindness Matters
Stuffed artichokes. Luckily, I just made two more.

Also craving vanilla soy ice cream with pineapple and cherry topping.


forever seeking fire
...Too bad they didn't come out good :(
I burned them and the frosting was way too sweet
Pisses me off. I had a sweet tooth bad, and.. I went out in the rain to get some sugar.. -_-
Now I have even MORE dishes to wash, and no cupcakes to eat. ;;


Mad as A Hatter
Im on a bit of a chocolate crave lately. I just want a huge piece of gooey chocolate cake with whipped cream!

And prawn cocktail crisps. I could eat bags of them!


Adorkable rockstar!
I want faken bacon.

(There was a box in the freezer at sister's beach place that bf and I ate while we where there.)


forever seeking fire
one of those peanut butter & dark chocolate cup thingies from Chicago Diner.. forgot what they are called v_v