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Hallo! I'm a cheerful soul in my fifties, currently living in East Anglia.

In mid-2016 I nearly died of acute bowel ischaemia (in two places) and full-body sepsis. They rushed me in for an emergency operation which I shall forever think of as a "what-the-'ecktomy" because I had no knowledge of it until I woke up afterwards. To everyone's surprise I survived, but I'm left with an ill-mannered, ill-tempered, ill-behaved ileostomy known as Squirty Sidney. (And other things, not all of which are printable.)

Because of Sidney, I am pretty much housebound, but that's not a big problem as I have plenty to keep me busy. I am addicted to writing, killer sudoku, all kinds of crafts, and the Girl Genius webcomic, and I'm usually up for a chat. (Unless I'm napping because Sidney got me up in the night. That happens.) The bright side of my medical problems is that, because my digestion is now very inefficient, I not only can but must consume large quantities of sweetened drinks to keep my weight up. Every cloud has a silver lining! :)