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Vegetarian Week - UK

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Moll Flanders

I just saw a survey on YouGov about vegetarian week.

4251 UK adults were questioned on 18 May 2016.
Results are weighted to be representative of the GB population.

May 16-22 is national vegetarian week. What do you think about vegetarianism?

I don't understand it to be honest 9%

Fair enough, but not for me 63%

I'd like to be vegetarian but I'd find it hard 7%

It's a good idea and I'm trying harder to cut out meat 11%

I'm already vegetarian/vegan 7%

Don't know 3%


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I was invited to a huge barbecue in Northants during the week end whilst I was in the UK. As usual I was the only vegetarian and everyone was piling large amounts of grilled meat onto their plates. Even the children were having 6 helpings of charred meat.

The only person who said that she was once a vegetarian for 15 years became an omni because of her husband's influence. I seem to always meet ex vegetarians or pesceterians who also call themselves vegetarians.

So it seems wherever I go, I'm the only veg eater.
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