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Vegan YouTube star who claimed her diet 'cured' her cancer and lesbianism dies of the disease Read

Discussion in 'The Vegan Forum' started by blues, Feb 21, 2018.

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  1. blues

    blues World Class Member

    Vegan YouTube star who claimed her diet 'cured' her cancer and lesbianism dies of the disease

    Read more: YouTuber dies of cancer after claiming veganism cured it | Daily Mail Online

    A vegan youtube star who claimed her plant-based diet 'cured' her cancer and lesbianism has died from the disease.

    Mari Lopez, who ran the food channel at home in Houston, Texas with her niece Liz Johnson, told thousands of viewers she had rejected traditional treatment for breast cancer in favor of a 90-day juice cleanse when she was diagnosed in 2015.

    Within four months of cutting out animal products, she claimed to be in remission - and insisted the new regime (and God) had 'healed' her of her 'gay lifestyle'.

    But Liz has now revealed that her aunt passed away in December 2017, after the disease spread to her blood, liver and lungs, and belated attempts to try chemotherapy and radiotherapy failed.
  2. Mischief

    Mischief Stranger in a strange land

    Well, you can't cure stupid.
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  3. Andy_T

    Andy_T Addicted Poster Forum Moderator

    Hannover, Germany
    Well, she claimed prayer had cured her, that was an acceptable therapy only 300 years ago...
  4. Amy SF

    Amy SF Dweller in nature

    She thought her diet would “cure” her lesbianism? How did she think that would work, exactly? :lol:
  5. Scorpius

    Scorpius The Lizard Queen

    Yep. :rolleyes:
  6. Scorpius

    Scorpius The Lizard Queen

    Maybe if she ate enough bananas . . . :bd::bp:
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  7. Lucian Hodoboc

    Lucian Hodoboc Well Known Member

    But can you cure rudeness? That's a dead person you're talking about. Even if you disagree with her religious and social views, I see no reason to call her stupid.
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  8. Lonestar4life

    Lonestar4life Well Known Member

    This story sounds embellished.
  9. Mischief

    Mischief Stranger in a strange land

    O.K. Ignorance then, which can be cured, but only if the person is willing.

    I don't think the dead are deserving of more respect than the living, BTW.

    ETA: Also, is it possible to be rude to a dead person? How does that work?
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  10. Benjamin Ehinger

    Benjamin Ehinger Finally, Vegan

    All Over the U.S.
    This is news, so let's start there. Most news is fake these days or at the very least embellished.

    She was also using a media outlet to share (and profit) from here story, so let's assume there's a possibility she was saying one thing and doing another.

    Plant-based diets have been widely proven to prevent and help cure many types of cancer and other illnesses. This is one case and nobody really knows the full truth about this case.

    Personally, I will NEVER allow a "doctor" to run poison though my veins as a so-called treatment for cancer. That should be what we consider to be absurd, not someone believing they were healed from food and God.
  11. Mischief

    Mischief Stranger in a strange land

  12. Pirate

    Pirate Addicted Poster

    United Kingdom
    Just spat my tea out!

    Curing lesbianism with veganism. That's erm, original.
  13. Benjamin Ehinger

    Benjamin Ehinger Finally, Vegan

    All Over the U.S.
    There are several. Two of the best are the How Not to Die book by Dr. Michael Greger. He cites a number of studies in his book and breaks down many of the top diseases.

    Another one is The China Study, which is by far the largest study of the plant-based diet to date.
  14. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Administrator Owner

    I think there is much evidence to suggest vegan or plant-based diets can prevent cancer. However, I'm sceptical to the idea that these diets, on their own, can be relied on to cure cancer once it has started to develop. I have not read the two books you cited, but I would be surprised if these authors would make such claims.
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  15. Mischief

    Mischief Stranger in a strange land

    This, except I would modify the first sentence to say this:

    I think there is much evidence to suggest that healthy vegan or plant-based diets can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

    I'm more than sceptical that any diet can cure cancer after it develops. I have no problem with anyone choosing to die on their own terms, as long as they don't harm anyone else in the process whether that's by using someone else to commit suicide (for example, throwing yourself in front of a train or vehicle), or taking others along with you (for example, driving off a bridge with passengers in the car or peddling fake "remedies" on YouTube or elsewhere).
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  16. Tom

    Tom Addicted Poster

    I'm not a doctor, but as I understand it, cancer is basically one's own cells gone rogue: they start multiplying and growing where they shouldn't. So, anything which can damage cancer cells (radiation or chemotherapy) will usually also damage the normal cells they originated from. The hope is that the cancer cells will be more harmed by it than the patient... which does happen sometimes (I think), because cancer cells' biology is kind of deranged in other ways besides their uncontrolled growth and they may be more sensitive to a toxic substance than normal cells. But yeah- the whole business sounds crazy.... toxic chemicals or radiation as "medicine"?

    It's a difficult situation, and I guess that's why everyone hopes the cancer is removed by surgery before it gets a chance to spread anyplace, and early detection counts for so much. I think they're working on some sort of immunotherapy which can selectively target malignant cells, but I don't know how far along it is. I know a few people who have been recently diagnosed with that damned disease.

    (bold emphasis mine) I see this as another difficult situation. It is their own life, nobody else's... but I'm fairly sure that sometimes people end their own lives when they would have eventually decided they would rather go on living.

    "You can kill yourself, so long as you don't kill or involve/harm anyone else" seems kind of heartless, although I don't believe you meant it that way; as I understand it, you were merely affirming an individual's right to make their own decisions in an unimaginably difficult situation. Then again, my statement that someone who ends their own life might have change their mind could just as easily be taken as beyond condescending and arrogant... like, I know better then the person themselves what they want??!!

    I just wouldn't want someone to make a decision that they would have regretted (except that how can you regret something if you don't exist anymore?), but would be irreversible. I also believe that when suicide is generally seen as acceptable, there might be less of an incentive to seek another solution to the problem. (Granted, this example is only fiction): There was an episode of "Star Trek: Next Generation", where a Klingon member of the crew (Worf) was severely disabled by an injury. The Klingon code of honor had always determined that death was preferable to such an existence; when Dr Crusher tried to find out (in Klingon medical sources) how to treat his injury, she could find nothing, because it had never even been attempted. Worf eventually agreed to an experimental treatment (largely because his son was so distraught about losing his father, as I recall) and was cured.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  17. Mischief

    Mischief Stranger in a strange land

    Basically this.

    Suicide has never been a stranger in my family. One of my grandmother's sisters hung herself when she was in her sixties. The husband of one of my mother's sisters, who was the father of the cousin to whom I was the closest, hung himself when I was seven and she was eight. He had suffered all of his life from depression, had been hospitalized for it multiple times. In fact, he was confined in a psychiatric hospital at the time he hanged himself.

    His daughter, my cousin, battled with depression from adolescence on. She was hospitalized multiple times also. She hung herself when we were in our thirties. It was not her first attempt. She ended up hanging herself from the shower. Can you imagine the resolve that took, to buckle her legs and not stand back up?! She had two young children, so I know she must have been in agony to do that.

    One of my aunts, the wife of one of my mother's brothers, hung herself when she was in her sixties. She did it sitting in a chair. Again, the resolve. Several years later, one of her sons hung himself.

    The don't think any of these individuals would have regretted their deaths. They were not undertaken lightly, or on the spur of the moment.

    Then there was my stepson, who killed his mother following an argument. He emptied a handgun into her, then reloaded and put a bullet through his own brain. I think they would both be alive if he hadn't had a gun.

    But I also think that many people kill themselves in less direct ways, with alcohol and other drugs, by taking extreme risks, by living unhealthy lifestyles. Ultimately, those are choices that people make, either consciously or subconsciously. If they want help, they should be helped. (And I think that it's unconscionable that we as a society are so bad at providing the necessary help.) But those who don't want help, or who are beyond it for one reason or another - the choice should be theirs.
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  18. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Administrator Owner

    @Mischief - I'm very sorry to hear of all your losses to depression / suicide. How terrible that a family should lose so many to this ailment.

    On the topic of depression and the like, if anyone here wants/needs someone to talk to about anything weighing them down, I'd be happy to lend an ear. As I'm sure everyone else on the mod team would, too.
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  19. Andy_T

    Andy_T Addicted Poster Forum Moderator

    Hannover, Germany
    I have read the China Study some time ago, but I do not remember it providing evidence for a plant-based diet curing cancer.
    Animal based food causing it, yes, but not so much a plant-based diet curing it ("slowing its progress", possibly, but that is not the same thing)
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  20. Skylark

    Skylark VHS Upcycler

    The Midwest US
    By this person’s logic, it should be impossible for me to be vegan and pansexual. And yet I exist.
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