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Vegan/Vegetarian dating and finding a partner


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Having a partner doesn't come in to my long term plans, though isn't incompatible (I'd like to teach English abroad get a PHD, see the world ect). I don't really long for a significant other... At least not right now...

I'd date a vegetarian, despite being vegan, but I've tried dating meat eaters and have had issues (with them, not me), I'd like to date somebody in to fitness and who is a feminist too... I think for me it's about respect too.

Being queer, I find I rarely fancy people as it is. I don't tend to know many vegans, but I have queer friends and lefty friends, many of who are veg*n.


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I have pretty much given up on finding a compatible guy. Veg*nism is much more "cool" now then when I first made the switch, but not among my age group, especially around here. Of course I have family and friends who are omni but I have higher standards for a partner.


It is difficult to meet someone with the same values, my girlfriend is a meateater, but she have the values of a veggie, that is why I fell in love with her. And as sequoia mentions there are datingsites out there, and www.agreenlove.com is a datingsite made for veggies to find one another, so that may be something for you all to check out if you are looking for love. I will do that as well if my relationship ever fall apart. There are veggies from all over the world on that site so it is possible to find love and/or even friendship.

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If it gives anyone hope ..

Even I found a partner using online dating. Not a vegetarian site either.

I did write a profile that was going to send anyone who was not, at the least, highly 'Veg-curious', running for the hills though.


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Wasn't there a dating post on here a while ago? Where singles such as myself were able to post? I feel your pain, it's tough to find a good, vegan lad. I don't think I could kiss somebody who had just consumed the flesh of another species *gag.*


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I think online dating sites can also provide a relatively easier way for us vegetarians/vegans to find partners. Greensingles and Veggiedate are some good niche dating sites built for only vegetarian or vegan singles.

Match has a large user base and you can filter results to find only singles who’re vegetarian. There’re quite a few other sites if a search is done online; however, be mindful of some important things before you decide to use any dating site. I found an article that elaborates on that here How to choose the best dating site.


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Hey, don't forget it's possible to move! Love is about making sacrifices, after all :)
Heh I might end up doing that soon. He’s not vegan though. I’d move from Illinois to Mississippi. He does make it easier on me because he’s supportive, willing to try out vegan foods, has enjoyed eating vegan.
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