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Vegan shoes

Discussion in 'The Vegan Forum' started by peewit, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Some have backs on the heels, like some of the danscos do. They are easier to walk in if you don't like the flappy feeling of clogs.
  2. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    I've never actually tried clogs. They look very uncomfortable and heavy to wear.

    However nearly all the staff at hospital seem to wear them.
  3. I wore them for 12 hour shifts no problem. :) Some people hate the feel of them on their feet, and a lot of people think they are ugly. I don't care about ugly so much; I don't want a bunion or fallen arches or ingrown toenails. My feet are gorgeous, shoes not so much. ;-)
  4. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    I agree. Furthermore if you're on your feet for 12 hours, it is far more important to feel good than to look good.
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  5. Spang

    Spang Foot Fetisher

    Size 11s became available, so I placed an order for those boots on the previous page. I hope they're comfortable.
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  6. kazyeeqen

    kazyeeqen Superb Owl

    Idaho, USA
    I wear my danskos everyday and stand all day long and love them to death. I get the tennis shoe clogs and actually get a lot of compliments on them. I can stand forever and walk a million miles and they are superb, just superb.

    The boots look very appealing too. I need some boots for non-work related activities in the out of doors...
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  7. alex

    alex Well Known Member

    Love my Novacas, but only purchase them when on sale, because they are expensive.
  8. Jane Smith

    Jane Smith Not-So-Newbie

    Hey there,
    For anyone who's searching for comfortable and warm boots for this winter you can also check out Wills Vegan Shoeshttp://wills-vegan-shoes.com/en/women-s-vegan-shoes.html.
    I've bought a pair of knee length boots last winter and they are just perfect :)
  9. Clueless Git

    Clueless Git Plant powered

    Milton Keynes, UK
    There's also a brand named 'Mustang' who have a lot of shoes and boots on which all the materials are listed as synthetic.

    They don't advertise their shoes and boots as vegan so you won't find them on a 'vegan shoe' search.

    The usual rule of "vegans are stupid so charge 'em stupid prices" doesn't seem to be in effect with Mustang either.

    I bought a pair of their boots last year and I am very pleased with them.
  10. Trinity

    Trinity YES!

    Does anyone know if there is a really good quality pair of vegan hiking shoes out there?
    Over the years I've tried various non-leather berghaus and merrel hiking shoes and I always end up feet problems. Like the shoes won't mold properly to my feet because they are made from tough synthetics.
    At this point I really don't care how much they cost or if I have to import them etc... I just need some and am really tired of the lack of good quality vegan options for shoes.
    Any ideas?
  11. Moll Flanders

    Moll Flanders Deity

    I haven't found a very durable boot for men as I have just had to buy another pair of DM type boots for my husband as the soles were leaking. I'm sure this is the fourth pair I've bought him since I've been vegan so four pairs in eight years. I bought them from Vegetarian Shoes again as he needed them in a rush but if the sole breaks again I will have to look somewhere else.
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  12. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Cult Leader Administrator

    I haven't had opportunity to go on proper hikes for years now, but this used to be a problem for me as well. When you buy shoes, do you go to an actual shoe shop, or do you shop online? I always thought buying shoes online was very difficult since you can't try them on. I think trying on is particularly important with hiking shoes.

    Vegetarian Shoes has a well- stocked shop in Brighton. I believe there are a couple of actual shops in London as well, but not sure how good they are. Obviously a good idea to make sure they have the kind of shoes you're looking for ahead of time, if you decide to go there.
  13. Trinity

    Trinity YES!

    Thank you for your reply :)
    I've always bought by trying them on in a shop. Problem is that my choice is then very limited - so I am really open to all options now. Just sick and tired of having rubbish shoes (and when I say rubbish - I do buy good quality ones, they're just always seeming to be hard on my feet).

    I used to live near Brighton and got a pair of sandals from Vegetarian Shoes until I wore them down to nothing. I am not to keen on their styles - will have another look.
  14. Diana

    Diana Vegan Police Officer

    For those in Europe and the UK, "Freerangers" are just the most amazing shoes I've ever had. They are so comfortable and well-made. A bit more expensive than Vegetarian Shoes (which are also cool, I have a couple of pairs from them as well including a pair of doc martens), but well worth it. And they make them to size if you send them an outline of your foot. So if you have special needs, they cater for them too. Really can't recommend them too highly.

    (I can't put the links. There seems to be a block on these for new members or something which is a good system!)
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  15. Andy_T

    Andy_T Addicted Poster Forum Moderator

    Hannover, Germany
    Vote here for the "stable boots" from Vegetarian Shoes. Those are the Para boots with a slightly different style - the lower half looks like a gentlemen's office shoe.

    Bought them as winter boots, and especially like the style - below your trousere they do not look like boots.

    They are durable - since I started riding a motorbike to the office again about a year ago, I have been using them as biking boots, and they still hold up. As a matter of fact, some weeks ago when I was stopped in a traffic jam, a car drove over my toes, and the shoes protected them very well - yes, it hurt quite a bit, but not any more on the next day, no injury sustained.

    Best regards,
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  16. foodage

    foodage Not-So-Newbie

    I usually try and find shoes that are "vegan" by accident. Everytime something is labelled "vegan" the price usually shoots up. Vans shoes in particular are "accidentally" vegan in that they apparently don't use any animal products (including glue) in the process. Other large brands stock shoes that don't have any leather material in them, but still use glue.

    One of the hardest things is just getting a straight answer from these companies (See here : Vegan Guide To Shoes - The Vegan Food Blog ). I guess it's easier for them to just say "The glue may or may not be animal product based" rather than them go one way or another and be wrong.
  17. Moll Flanders

    Moll Flanders Deity

    I bought some new boots from Fashion Conscience as they are having a sale.

    Shoes - Sale

    I was going to buy some ballet flats as well but I can't really afford them.:D
  18. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Cult Leader Administrator

    Anyone have ideas for children's shoes in the UK?
  19. Moll Flanders

    Moll Flanders Deity

    They have a men and kid's section on the link I just posted.
    ETA some of the kid's slippers are a bit weird looking!

    I'm sure you can get vegan kid's shoes on Amazon because I was looking on there once and for some reason I accidentally ended up looking at girl's shoes instead of adult ones. I was thinking they looked small in the pictures at the time.:oops::p

    I just saw these Handmade girls shoes - leather & vegan - Greenshoes, Devon, UK but whoa the prices are steep. I suppose it is a limited market at the moment.
  20. Indian Summer

    Indian Summer Cult Leader Administrator

    Thanks, Moll. I guess I'm mostly looking for winter shoes for now. I peeked at that first link, but they only had trainers. (And didn't look to see if they were for men or children...) And yeah, £75 is a bit outside of the price range I was hoping for, since they probably need to be replaced by next winter. Will give Amazon a go next.
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