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Vegan recipe books reviews & recommendations.


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I am going to say Vegan on the Cheap again--becuase we've had 2 more recipes from there--the peanutty pumpkin stew and then call it cassoulet and they were both gorgeous and made enough for 2 meals.


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I have just started using a book called The China Study Cookbook by Leanne Campbell.I have tried a couple of recipes out of it.One was called Pumpkin gnocchi with italian vegetables and the other was a carrot bake.Both came out good, a little plain but I like things like that sometimes so it was fine with me.The recipes use only a few ingredients and it seemed to take me no time at all to cook them.

I'm really enjoying the book if you can't tell.:pa::D


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A recent purchase was a used copy of 'Wild About Greens' by Neva Atlas. If you love leafy green veg, this book is for you.

'The Great Vegan bean Book' by Kathy Hester This is a fairly extensive book about our favorite protein. She covers different methods of cooking them, provides recipes that aren't overly fussy and, lists what substitute beans would work in particular recipes.

Old favorite: 'Passionate Vegetarian' by Crescent Dragonwagon. It's hard to describe this book. It's a huge volume of recipes both vegan and vegetarian (many of which can be easily veganized) but it's also a semi biography, a collection of anecdotes about and from the author's friends as well as a tribute to Ms. Dragonwagon's former inn. This is the kind of book you can curl up with and read like a novel. Did I mention it's huge?


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Im reading the "Oh she glows cookbook by Angela liddon right now ....all I can say is its $25.00 well spent.Just the chocolate chip cookie and brownie recipes alone make it great.


Im reading the "Oh she glows cookbook by Angela liddon right now ....all I can say is its $25.00 well spent.Just the chocolate chip cookie and brownie recipes alone make it great.
All her recipes come out good for me, I just love ohsheglows! [emoji39]


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I need to get that one.
Absolutely! It's my favorite cookbook! I use it all the time; I've made tons of recipes out of it, most of them several times over. I also visit her blog daily during the week to keep up on any new recipes she posts. It was actually thanks to discovering her blog that made me love cooking! :)


Has anyone gotten Choosing Raw from Gena Hamshaw? I'm super curious about the book, but a bit unsure. Except for salads and fresh fruits+vegetables, I don't tend to be terribly interested in raw meals in general; I like comforting hot food! That said though, it seems her recipes are quite innovative so my curiosity is definitely piqued even if I likely wouldn't 'cook' from it on a daily basis.


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I have just picked up a copy of Easy Vegan by Sue Quin at my local library ( it has also been published in French) and I must say I'm impressed. The quality of the photos are outstanding and the recipes are all quite simple and look delicious.

The author also has a few recipes on how to make vegan cheese, pasta, butter and mayonnaise.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone that is learning how to cook the basics.

Easy Vegan: Amazon.co.uk: Sue Quinn: 9781743365250: Books


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I am loving Ella Woodward's book 'Deliciously Ella'. She uses a lot of basic grains and pulses to build up recipes which gets me going ;) although its not labelled strictly vegan - all recipes, bar a few with the option of honey, basically are. I am interested in her story of healing herself with her diet, I find it very inspiring stuff.


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I just got the Cinnamon Snail food truck's new vegan cookbook Street Vegan. It's got a lot of the stuff they sell on the truck. From a quick perusal, the recipes look very involved, which is what I expected from what I saw on their menu. Still, the ingredients for the many sandwiches they make could all be made separately and used with other dishes. They combine some foods I might not consider combining. Another caveat is that there are some ingredients I didn't/don't have in my cupboard, but that's OK, too, as I figure I can sub a few things until I get some of those items. I just made the maple barbecue sauce that I'm going to cook tempeh in, and it's delicious. The only change I would make to it would be adding a bit of hotness to it, maybe a few pepper flakes. But the flavor is awesome. I can't wait to cook the tempeh!


I'm about to publish a book about how proper nutrition can prolong life up to 10 healthy years. From a plant-based perspective alone. It includes recipes (all of them basically low sodium or, rather, the appropriate amount of sodium, since it is as bad to have a low intake as it is to have too much -although it is much easier to get too much, of course-).

Sorry about the self-promotion!

Andy Brown

Vegan Books Healthy Eating
I recommend this list of scientific-style books that covers everything you need to know about going vegan and what to eat for optimal nutrition. I'd love it to be written by someone who really knows their stuff, not a celebrity or fitness personality.
Thank you so much for any tips!