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Vegan recipe books reviews & recommendations.

Discussion in 'The Vegan Forum' started by Muggle, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. Muggle

    Muggle Addicted Poster

    Post your reviews and recommendations here!

    I will edit this post with a list of the books and links to the posts that contain reviews about them.

    Vegetarian books thread is here. (Some may contain a lot of vegan recipes or easily veganised recipes. )
  2. PTree15

    PTree15 Beach bum

    Veganomicon is wonderful, IMHO. I've only been disappointed somewhat at the black bean burger recipe in that it wasn't spicy enough for me, but that's easily fixable with a little tweaking. Just about everything else I've tried has been awesome. I'm very fond of the recipes for chickpea cutlets and blueberry pancakes. The pancakes are just delicious and they keep well for leftovers without getting rubbery. I also like the introduction, which explains how to stock your pantry and how the ingredients work in the recipes.

    Also, for bakers, I love the Joy of Vegan Baking (awesome biscotti and apple cake recipes) and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. The latter is simply fabulous. I've made six or seven of the cupcakes and they have all been delicious!
  3. AeryFairy

    AeryFairy Anachronism

    Manchester, UK
    Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. It is my single favourite vegan cookbook; it completely changed the way I thought about vegan food and vegan cooking. My cupcakes improved - they are way better using the recipes out of this book than they ever were using milk and eggs. They're so delicious! The instructions are really clear and easy to follow, and it's full of mouth-watering pictures too. I usually just make the basic chocolate or vanilla recipes, with one of the incredible buttercreams, but I've also made a few others (the lemon ones and the chocolate/vanilla swirl ones both went fairly well). The front has some handy baking tips, as well as cupcake troubleshooting suggestions to help you improve on a dodgy batch. I cannot recommend this book enough, I really can't.
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  4. KLS52

    KLS52 Only Kindness Matters

    Man/woman does not live by cupcakes alone...or does he/she? :D
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  5. mlp

    mlp Guest

    The Veganomicom is still one of my favorite cookbooks - consistently great recipes that are simple.
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  6. sallyomally

    sallyomally Addicted Poster


    I heartily concur! I frequently take Elvis or Crimson Velvet to staff parties or potlucks and there's is never one single crumb left.
  7. CrazyCatLady

    CrazyCatLady World Class Member

    I've seen someone selling the following and was wondering if any of you guys had them and what you thought of them. Going to check them out on amazon in a min too xxx

    Vegan Baking
    Majzlik, Linda
    ISBN10: 1897766637

    Vegetarian Supercook
    Elliot, Rose
    ISBN: 9780600612813

    Vegetarian Bible
    (M & S)
    ISBN number not recognised, some lovely recipes

    175 Vegetarian Slow cooker recipes
  8. raggle

    raggle Deity

    I have none....yet.

    Going to ask for Appetite For Reduction for Christmas. Does anyone have it/like it? :)
  9. AeryFairy

    AeryFairy Anachronism

    Manchester, UK
    In terms of more overall cooking books, my absolute favourite is Chloe's Kitchen.

    The 'weirdest' ingredient is nutritional yeast, which isn't as readily available in the UK. Everything else can be bought at a regular supermarket. The recipes themselves are so easy to follow, and tend to turn out perfectly first time. Most of them don't even require much preparation or effort. I absolutely love the soups, the mac 'n' cheese recipe, the chinese takeaway style stir fry, and the falafel burgers - all relatively easy to make, and SO TASTY. You could serve pretty much any meal in there to an omni without complaint (which I do regularly - even my mum will happily eat anything I prepare from this book and ask for seconds).
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  10. RabbitLuvr

    RabbitLuvr I love rabbits.

    Rabbitville, USA
    I have it! I have only tried two recipes from it, but I love both of them. I've made the Jerk Asparagus and Mango BBQ Beans. Both were delicious! My asparagus-hating husband even likes and requests the Jerk Asparagus.

    I love Isa's cookbooks in general, though I'm guilty of having a lot of cookbooks that I like looking through but I'm too lazy to cook most days. :blush:

    My Amazon cart currently contains Chloe's Kitchen and Vegan Indian Cooking. I have Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day checked out from the library right now. (If I like Vegan Sandwiches, I'll toss it into the cart, as well. I'm convinced that someday I will have a bit of money I can spend and I'll actually order them.)

    Does anyone have Cookin' Crunk: Eating Vegan in the Dirty South? My local library doesn't have this one, so I can't look through it before I buy it. The table of contents has me drooling, though. It's not very expensive, so I am thinking I might just order it, and if I don't like it I can donate it to the library.
  11. SummerRain

    SummerRain I dreamed that God would be forgiving.

    I don't have any of these, but I have Fast Fresh and Fabulous and another one I forget by Elliot Rose (plus some of her recipes from vegetarian cooking magazines) and I really love her recipes, they're all really tasty (that I've made of course) and some of my favourite dishes are hers. Her vegetarian books have 90% vegan/veganisable recipes, including vegan baking, so they are really good for vegans even though there are a few non vegan recipes.

    I really dislike Vegan with a Vengance, I never use it except for a cookie recipe, but I think that's because I don't like the american recipes rather than a problem with the cookbook itself. I also rarely rarely cook with faux meat/tofu/seiten/faux cheese and I seem to remember lots of these too.

    VCTOTW/VCTOYCJ and the pie one are really good, and always produce great results... can't say enough good things about these ones actually, they're just so reliable and tasty.

    The Asian Vegan Kitchen: This book I can't reccomend enough, ALL the recipes are downright delicious. :D

    I've got loads and loads of cookbooks... but I can't think of them off the top of my head... lots of them are old ones I find in charity shops and I pick them up cheap for just a handful of recipes, I also have lots from cooking magazines too. Most aren't 100% vegan though. Maybe I'll have a look tomorrow and review a few :)
  12. PTree15

    PTree15 Beach bum

    I think I might have to pick this one up.
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  13. Kittendumpling

    Kittendumpling Crafty Wino

    Anything Isa Chandra Moskowitz writes.
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  14. silva

    silva Addicted Poster

    Ohio, U.S.A
    I love Appetite for Reduction! Don't care for Veganomicom :confused: I try...
    Love Robin Robertson--have 1000 Vegan Recipes

    The Uncheese Cookbook is one I go to often
    Love Chloe's Kitchen!

    Must try that Artisan Vegan Cheese! Just the impressive reviews on Amazon alone make me want it. I did copy a recipe from "look inside"...

    Vegan Cookies invade your cookie jar.
  15. Freesia

    Freesia not my business.

    I actually used Rose Elliot's gravy for my christmas lentil nut loaf last year. It was nice. But as I have mentioned before it requires marmite, which is a sadly rare product.

    I have 2 of isa/terry s books which I use a lot. I also like Nicola Graimes cooking but her books are vegetarian rather than vegan. Still I use her book a lot, has a number of nice vegan recipes.

    Easy vegan is a nice small book, available in the UK. They have a nice series of veg*n bookes out.
  16. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    This book is on my Awesombooks.com wish list. Could you give me a quick summary of the book please ?
  17. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

  18. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    You could easily substitue Marmite with Vegemite.:)
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  19. Freesia

    Freesia not my business.

    Yes but the vegemite here is not nice. I have seen other sorts of generic marmite-like spreads around and am considering buying one but the problem is if I dont like it I have a whole jar of it.
  20. Freesia

    Freesia not my business.

    The thing I like most about Ise/Terrys stuff is it is very homey, lots of things like pies, a number of nice salads, and most importantly it has plenty of one pot soups and stews if you just want to cook with one or 2 pots... a lot of people buy their books though for the sweets, cookies cakes etc.
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