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Question Vegan in an "anti-vegan" family?

Discussion in 'Ask Us a Question!' started by Anna, Dec 1, 2018.

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  1. Anna

    Anna Guest


    This is the very first time I'm doing something like this so bear with me I'm not really sure how to do this.

    I'm 16 years old and last year I became vegan for various reasons (health, weight, animals, environment etc.) and quickly fell in love with it, felt overall better - in and out.
    But here's the problem: I still live with my family (Catholic btw) and they're not vegan. Frankly, my parents are almost against it since they're quite conservative. I tried to explain myself multiple times but they don't want to really listen and just don't get it - which would be fine really (although it saddens me) if it weren't for my mother's - dare I say - pretty stupid opinions. Don't get me wrong everybody can have their own opinion it's just that she says she finds this stupid, unnecessary, and even wrong. She claims its unhealthy and psychological that I don't want to eat meat, dairy etc. She even wants to take me to a therapist!
    I mean idk. Maybe I am crazy and just don't see it xd.

    Does anyone struggle being a vegan in an almost anti-vegan family? How do you deal with it and how do you talk to your parents about it?
    I really want to stay vegan but it's getting harder each day. :<
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  2. Val

    Val Extraterrestrial

    Hi, Anna! Welcome to VV.:) (First, don't pay attention to my grammar mistakes, as i'm not an English-speaker, lol).
    Second... i understand how hard it can be - being a vegan in a conservative family of meat eaters, should i say, carnivores. I have suffered a lot because of that. My own mother had even put me in the mad house deliberately, which was a total abuse. Needless to say, my life was no more the same after she had done it to me. But since i've been vegan for almost 16 years, she had nothing to do than to get used to it.:p She even buys me the food suitable for me. I've just been very patient. I don't know how else to overcome hostility towards your veganism from your family. I always take my chance to talk to my mom and even my sister and explain to them the benefits of a whole-food plant-based diet over their, i dunno, carnism. And mom's still taking her chance to make stupid comments on my lifestyle, in general. But we co-exist somehow. Sometimes, when she's feeling bad (her high blood pressure, podagra, etc.), she says she may go vegan for a while, but the next minute i see her devouring her favourite cheese.:sigh: She won't change. Neither your family would change, but you all may learn how to respect each other's needs. Try to cook something really delicious, - a vegan cake, for instance... And they will like it and see that your food can be tasty as well. But the only way to prove them that you're going the right way - is to thrive, not survive, on a vegan diet. :zen:
    I still encounter major part of hostility from doctors, e.g., and others, as i live in the country, where meat cult is very strong, but i stick to my own way, no matter what. I watch lots of lectures on vegan lifestyle (scientific ones), read a lot of useful books, and i continue educating myself all the time. Recently, i've come to conclusion that i need to eat almost raw. It's not that easy, but i'm trying. Everything i need is information, which is abundant online.
    That's it. Just be firm and love what you're doing, because you're doing it for your own health and prosperity.
  3. blues

    blues World Class Member

    I would be surprised if a therapist would agree with your mother's views and more than likely agree with the direction that you want to take.

    You could suggest to your mother that maybe 4 days a week vegan meals and try to get some communication going between you two on the subject:)
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  4. shyvas

    shyvas Deity Forum Moderator

    If your mum claims that a vegan diet is unhealthy, it's probably because she's worried about your health as you are young.

    Like a majority of people they don't always understand what a healthy diet is. Even vegans can have an unhealthy lifestyle if they are eating junk food, drinking and smoking.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to pick up a book on the subject at your local library and ask her to read it. As you are still living at home and financially dependant on your parents, there will have to be a comprise on your side.

    Good luck.;)
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