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TV & Film Tv series you miss


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Hmm. I really like Firefly. It's very different, and not as addicting as I find some shows, but it has a certain quality to it that makes me want to watch more of it.

What's interesting to me is that the prostitute is one of the more moral characters. :p Also she's Anna from the V reboot, which freaks me out a little bit.
Have you seen Kathy Griffin's new talk show? I love Kathy , but her new show is horrible. It's just put together so awkwardly and it's uncomfortable to watch. I miss her old show.
I have seen it! I do like it because I'm excited she does have a show now, but I understand what you mean. There are parts of each show that I find hilarious but it's not something I can really sit and watch, when it's on I just kind of have it on in the background while on the computer or something and not paying full attention because it is structured oddly and isn't like completely filled with good jokes or anything, it's just a lot of random things and each episode is more disorganized than the others. I don't think it's been signed for another season, though, and I'm kind of sad that this one was so short, and I really hope she gets some kind of a show again besides just the specials they sometimes have.

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I miss Medium. :( Not the later seasons which I didn't like that much, but the earlier seasons which were wonderful: well written and well acted. Patricia Arquette even won an Emmy award for the first season! That's the Medium I miss.


By the way, Firefly is available on Hulu Free for anyone who wants a quick fix. :p

They make five episodes available at any one time, rotating them weekly... the unaired pilot (Serenity) is one of the ones up right now.



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I miss Arrested Development. I know it's coming back, but it should never have left in the first place and it's not coming back soon enough.

I'm glad Futurama got a second chance, it's so awesome.

Really, really annoyed that Alcatraz got cancelled.


Does anyone else remember the Irwin Allen sci-fi shows from the 60's such as the Time Tunnel starring James Darren?



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FlashForward. The book was great, but still. :(

And V. That show was amazing. Not as good as the original miniseries, but still. :(
Ditto to both of these. Karl read some article last year mentioning Fast Forward and how it was cancelled because of a trend in programming which discriminates against shows where the audience has to focus too much (supposedly because people are multitasking and don't have time for "just" a TV show). Now, I don't know if this theory is true, but the complicated multiple storyline type show done right is a great joy, imo. Also how I got hooked on Lost, in the beginning.

Thumbs up too, to Sports Night which was consistently underrated and of course, to the most excellent Freaks and Geeks.

It had a good run, but I miss NewsRadio. The Phil Hartman years, particularly, were fantastic.

More recently, I was disappointed last year when they decided not to do another season of the IT Crowd. I swear, it is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen on TV. Oi, so much laughter.

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Babylon 5 (yeah, the story completed but there's ample room in that universe ...)
Twin Peaks
Undeclared (ran for a single season years ago - a dramedy about college life)
The IT Crowd


Firefly is on Netflix streaming (in the US at least)

Yeah, I definitely think Buffy could have gone on a season or two, but I was satisfied with how they ended it.
The comic picked up where season 8 would have gone, had the show not ended.


I may be the only person on this forum who remembers Phyllis Diller from the 60's but she is very much a part of my past...