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US News Trump - favourite facepalm moments


Psychiatric drugs is a horrific sh*t. After they set me free from the mad house for the second time, i was sufferring from side effects at least for 2.5 months, because in the mad house i'd been forced to swallow Seroquel prolong (Quetiapine),- and the one that takes these drugs has to find ways to spit it out secretly (so did i) and to fight for his life and personality every single day, because this ****ing Seroquel makes you lose your personality. It's even written in its instruction, that one of its side effects is DEATH. Why do people do it to each other?:pout:


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Esquire said:
On June 28, 2012, the day that the Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable Care Act, the sighs of relief were so loud that they drowned out one part of the Court's decision that has come to haunt the lives of millions of poor people around the country, and that also has come to represent the fanatical refusal of Republican politicians, specifically Republican governors, to associate themselves with anything that had anything to do with President Barack Obama. In his opinion upholding the ACA, Roberts allowed individual governors to refuse to accept the Medicaid expansion in their states. In other words, just because it came from an Democratic president—and because it came from that Democratic president—these governors violated one of the fundamental tenets of state government that date back to the dawn of human greed: they refused FREE MONEY!
Now, in a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, four scholars have illustrated the human price of this nonfeasance by Republican governors. According to the paper, somewhere around 15,000 Americans died between the years 2014 and 2017 as a result of states that turned down the FREE MONEY! available to them from the federal government through the provisions of the ACA.
The study authors also explain that before this date - and the different decisions in states whether or not to accept the Medicaid expansion - it was only possible to hypothesize that improved access to Medicaid could prevent deaths.

Now they can actually prove it with the data they have observed since then. Approximately 15,000 people paid the price for this. :mad:
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A racist who’s functionally illiterate and had to have all his books ghostwritten can’t understand how the Obamas, who are consistently two of the world’s most admired people, can write books that outsell all of his own books. Let’s investigate, dammit!

And then there’s his whining about the White House air conditioning, which the Obamas upgraded. Read for more details. Hey, dude, that’s the very nature of air conditioning. You’re either too hot or too cold, because everyone is different. 😂
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