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US News Trump - favourite facepalm moments

Indian Summer

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Mostly just holding these signs and trying to get cars to honk in support. I work at the busiest intersection in the state, so there is a lot of mid-day traffic. There was lots of shouting and such.
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Sorry you had to suffer this sad sight, Ginger! Though maybe you got a good laugh out of it? A Trump sign saying "Drain the swamp" is so incredible ironic! :rofl:The number and size of swamp monsters now terrorizing the US are at an all-time high! The country is balancing on the edge of the authoritarian abyss. Wake up, America!


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I keep wondering whether the red line for the GOP will ever materialize. Forty-five is basically challenging the American form of government in that he believes the executive branch rules all. He keeps doing everything he can to undermine the power of the legislative branch, and the GOP is just taking it. I think the Turkey situation definitely gave some GOP members pause, but when will they realize that this guy thinks he is above the law and is corrupt beyond all reason?