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US News Trump - favourite facepalm moments


Stranger in a strange land
Ah, Nauert. What can one say.

Personally, I gave up all hope of working in the trump administration when trump announced that Janet Yellen was too short to head the Federal Reserve. At 5'3" , she's taller than I am.

I am so disappointed. :(


Stranger in a strange land
The smocking gun can be found right next to the bedazzler at Joann's Fabrics, for those of you who want to run out and buy one.


Stranger in a strange land
I don't think it's real. The language and grammar use is very poor. It seems like it was written by someone who is not a native English speaker. I have a feeling the site was hacked, and a fake message was posted.
It was posted on the 12th, and it's still on their site. You would think that if their site was hacked, they would have realized it by now, seeing as they are the Department of Homeland Security.


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Well, there WAS a hostile takeover by the current “administration”.
And while they might not be non-native-English-speakers, they might still be as uneducated as they are bigoted.