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The Weather.


86°F + horrendous humidity.:yuck: No wonder, that the so-called doctor in the commercial clinic said: "You say you have COPD? So what?? Everyone has COPD now! What did you expect,- living in such a swampy climate??"
I looked at that woman in silence and thought: "F*** off!"


Addicted Poster
More and more rain! And it's only 65 F! Too chilly for June. Definitely too wet!
I need some beach. I still have plenty of vaca days, I will plan wisely.


Of course, I would probably spend all of time indoorswith the A/C but oh well. :D
That's what i'm doing (approximately): just have crawled into the flat, pulled the blinds down, and getting ready to take a cold shower. (Ok, maybe not that cold, but the colder - the better, haha).🥵🤯🛀🚿🥶