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The Weather.


Mad as A Hatter
Durham UK
Apparently there is a MASSIVE storm headed my way. M is driving in it now. Im going to try and film it if its as amazing as everyone on FB is saying it is!


Addicted Poster
Yeah. Do you remember the house next to the bridge that fell into the river? I think it was in 2007. That was in Ludlow which is near to where the man's body died.

They get affected quite badly by the floods down in south Shropshire. :( (I'm further north and town has flood defences but it does still flood sometimes. But I actually live a few miles out of town on a hill not near any watercourses so no chance of me getting flooded luckily. Getting to work etc is another matter... )


That SUUUUCKS! I couldn't deal with 100 + degrees. It's 88 and humid here, that's horrible enough for me.

Well, I did use it as an opportunity to give all five dogs baths, outdoors, with the hose. After they were done, I stripped and took a hose shower myself.

It's a couple of degrees cooler today, but feels warmer - the longer the hot weather lasts, the more the heat builds up in the soil, buildings, etc., and it just gets more and more unpleasant.


I don't know what to put here.
It is 106F right now. And we can't get the thermostat to go lower than about 80-81. :cry: (i have no sweat smiley)