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TV & Film The Walking Dead


Needs a life
The time has come my friends. We've been in walker withdrawal for months now while anxiously awaiting the return of Darryl, Rick and the gang.

Waiting to see the mysterious stranger kick some zombie ass.

Waiting to see annoying whiny Lori and her obnoxious brat Carl finally get eaten. (Okay that's just my wishful thinking!)

But, alas the time has arrived. This Sunday at 9pm out wait will finally be over. Are you ready?


Mercurial and fleeting
I read the first volume of the graphic novels this summer. Very different - but you can see how Hollywood extracts what they like for the story line of the TV series. (They couldn't possibly have the guts (pun intended) :) to follow the novels too closely - WAY too brutal.)

It should be interesting...can't wait!


No effin' whey!
From what I heard in interviews, they intentionally strayed from the comic so it would not be too predictable. It also allowed the writers to develop some characters more than they otherwise would. Like Andrea's transformation from weak and death-obsessed to finding a new resolve to be bad-ass and survive., or Herschel who was scripted to die, but the director decided to keep him around at the last minute, haha.


always on. slightly off.
wow! last night's Season Premiere did not disappoint. it was a non-stop adrenaline rush from start to finish, with the exception of those few tender poignant moments when everyone was settling down for their first night in the prison and they played this awesome song Noisy Sunday by Patrick Watson.

i don't blame Rick for being pissed at Lori, especially after the way she reacted when he told her about
how he had to kill Shane or be killed by him.

and i don't get why the folks are upset over Rick not telling them about
what Dr. Jenner from the CDC shared with him re "we are all infected".

i hope Daryl and Carol become a couple.

and that ending...
and then, the prison survivors. holy double crap.


always on. slightly off.
I'm looking forward to the new series.:woo:

ETA - I was discussing with someone the other day about how amazing that Sophia episode was.
yeah, that Sophia episode was the most radical, memorable and amazing ep of the season. did not see that coming at.all.


Needs a life
yeah, that Sophia episode was the most radical, memorable and amazing ep of the season. did not see that coming at.all.
Yep great episode. I knew Sophia would come out, but it was still awesome. I wish that Carl was the one to shot her though instead of Rick. That would've been ****ed up and crazy! Speaking of Carl...what's up with him and Hershel's daughter?? Um..eww.

I also agree with your review of the first episode.:up:


Needs a life
i thought Beth was in her early twenties but according to The Walking Dead Wiki, she's only 16.
and Carl is 13.
so it's hormone-kicking-in-time!
Uh yeah no. Still icky. I just can't wrap my head around the idea that she's 16. The actress looks way older for it to be believable. Plus Carl is incredibly immature for his age. I always assumed Carl and Sophia would eventually hook up. Well at the beginning I was predicting that.....but we all know what happened there.:p


always on. slightly off.
wow! TWD just keeps getting better and better. and better. (1 for each season!)
the evolution of the characters is so awesome to see...
Rick has not only stepped up to the badass plate but is hitting one psycho after another right out of the ballpark.
Daryl has turned out to be super sweet when he wants to, along with the super survivor he always was.
Carl has learned his lesson about teasing, f***ing around with and running away from the walkers. he's armed and now dangerous and ok, still reckless, but he's acting his age (or less) here! :p
Maggie was ready and able to take out Hersel should he have turned while Glenn was out helping Carol.
and even though Carol will never forget that Rick left Sophia, she wasn't whining this episode and gave herself some tough preparational practice.

random thoughts:
  • ok so Hershel was handcuffed to the bed, but i must have chewed my cuticles right off every time someone got within head range...OMG, HE'S GONNA SNAP UP AND TAKE A BITE OUT OF YOU! BACK UP!
  • was really hoping Tomas was gonna be a good guy and stick around, but i knew i was just dreaming :drool: :sob:
  • Hershel grabbing Lori during CPR...PSYYYCH!
  • creepy anticipation: having to wait to find out who was watching Carol from behind the tree on the other side of the fence. :iiam:
oh how i love this show! <3
and Daryl.