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Moll Flanders

I'm watching YouTube on TV. Matt D'Avella.

Matt D'Avella

I have just watched the last episode of GoT. I was "blown away". :D It was amazing and beautiful and horrible! I loved it!
I saw some of it as my husband was watching it on his computer. Yikes, it looked very bloody! The ending was good.


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What I am wondering is ... is this the storyline that GRR Martin had in mind, or are the show’s producers running wild?

Maybe, when “The Winds of Winter” comes out, the story will take a completely different turn and Zombie Cat Stark will get a badass vengeance :D

Would be more interesting than GRR Martin just writing out the script of the episodes we have seen so far...


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I think Martin has stated that the show went in a different direction though I can't remember where I read this. It's been a while since I read the books; I guess I need to re-read them.


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Last season of all my faves CW. Crazy ex girlfriend ended, cute ending. I zombie and Jane the virgin last season.
Batgirl looks good. Ruby Rose is so gorgeous.


While this does seem silly, ridiculous even, I disagree with this comment: “Who convinced the entire (expletive) world that it’s entitled to exactly what they demand? You don’t like something, leave it and find something else that makes you happy," TV Insider writer Damian Holbrook said on Twitter.”

When people are this invested in a show they have a right to express disappointment/dissatisfaction with how things turn out. A petition is crazy but to say “go find something else”, after 8 seasons, is just as ridiculous.


Just finished watching the finale of GoT. I was not expecting the way it ended at all!
Me neither. Although, I've thought for a long time that Bran looks like a king, the way he sits in his wheelchair. I think he's a good choice.

I'm curious about just how intelligent the dragons really are. They've been mostly doing whatever Dany tells them to do, but then that one dragon did that thing at the end... indicating that it understood what happened. I found that part interesting.