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Indian Summer

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I just finished it, too. Yeah, it got pretty sluggish about half-way through.... :|
I didn't like that they
killed off many of the good, albeit flawed characters, but let the one truly despicable character live (although behind bars it looked like). Also am generally unhappy about the degree to which suspension of disbelief is required by the viewers for certain characters, like V.M. Vargas and his operation in season 3, and Lorne Malvo in season 1.


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So, I watched disc one ( first 3 episodes) of Legion.... I was not expecting that shit. I don't know how else to describe it... it's like vintage X-men meets American Horror Story meets Twin Peaks meets Stranger Things, and throw in some extra Stephen King & Twilight Zone....


I gave the first disc to Jerry, told him "must watch"... and I shall continue with disc two tomorrow.... :hide:

AND, weirdly enough, it was created & written by Noah Hawley! Same guy who did/does the Fargo series! LMAO :up:
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Uh-huh. So... Legion... holy shit!! :argh: When I got to Jer's house tonight, I was about to say he should definitely watch that first disc I gave him last night before I left, but he cut me off... "I watched all three episodes on there... love it."

Knew it. :p And we're both in agreement about the mid-warping David Lynchian-ness of it all, as well as our theory about the main "protagonist"....

I watched episodes 4-6 this evening, gave the disc to Jerry afterward... had no words, just:

And a warning... if you're not prepared for some seriously tripped-out but truly brilliant shit, don't bother.

Otherwise, jump on in... it's one hell of a ride. :cool: Several, really. LMAO :df:

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This absolutely belongs here :D
From last week's "Who Is America"

Who is America? got a food critic eating what he believed to be gourmet human flesh: 'It's simply melting on my palate''
The Independent said:
In the regular ‘Ex-Con Second Chance’ segment, Sacha Baron Cohen’s reformed criminal character Rick Sherman showed off the culinary skills he developed while behind bars.

It culminated in him preparing a tasting menu for Bill Jilla, the editor of dinnerreviews.com (though it should be noted that the site is now defunct and Jilla is not a widely-recognised food critic) that started with a “beans on toast medley”, took in “anally-aged veal in a strawberry prophylactic” (inspired by how veal was smuggled into Rick’s prison) and finished with “filet of vegetarian-fed Chinese dissident and cauliflower purée”.
I am not even sure what impresses me more, the "anally-aged veal" or the "ethically sourced, vegetarian-fed Chinese dissident" ... but omnivores do eat so many strange things, who knows...
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I really liked Disenchament! Sad there's not more episodes.

Just started The Bodyguard after hearing so many people raving about it. 2 episodes in & it's pretty good (hasn't blown my mind though.)