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TV & Film The Star Wars Thread


MadamSarcastra, over & out.
^^^ I agree. They changed the writing team, I think, so they must not have been confident it would make enough money with the original story.
And Alden's just not right, can't capture the attitude. Rumor has it, he was a nightmare... had to be coached on practically everything.

Han Solo CRISIS: 'Star Wars producers NOT happy with Alden Ehrenreich’s acting' and MORE

They should've gone with Ansel Elgort, Baby Driver (2017) - IMDb... I heard he was one of the contenders for young Han.

Now, Anthony Ingruber! He had a very minor role in The Age of Adaline (2015) - IMDb as a young version of Harrison Ford's character... and, wow, he blew me away! I mean, look at this pic....

That's a "Solo/Ford" smirk if I ever saw one! :smitten: And he's also a voice actor/impersonator... I thought they dubbed in Ford's voice... this kid is good!



MadamSarcastra, over & out.
**sigh** Well, that just looks dumb. :dismay: It's Han Solo's blaster, not a f*cking assault rifle... c'mon people! :brood:

This is starting to remind me of the rifle/walkie-talkie swap in E.T. :argh::down:


MadamSarcastra, over & out.
Getting an early start for me, but for others it's already STAR WARS DAY!!!! :starshower: May the 4th be with you all....





Sorry, but nothing can top the originals for me.... :p LOL

Amy SF

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I was looking for an interesting Happy Star Wars Day May the Fourth be with you meme to post here. And then I found this:


I’d eat those. :p