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The movie Ground State Day...a collaboration(?)


Maybe it is too similar to some other movies, there was a movie where some guy was caught in a time loop, of a few day, or years, but Ground State Day, would be about a loop of ten or twenty odd years.

The main character would be Professor Paul Newton.

The movie starts in the year 2018, and Newton is a professor at Cambridge University, teaching Astrophysics...the movie would start with him eating his breakfast and listening to Radio 4 news, and one of the items would be about a report from an observatory of some sort of anomaly in some of their space images; the apparent disappearance of some stars....He doesn't pay that much attention, and goes into the university...over the next few weeks there is more and more talk amongst the teachers, and students about the anomaly, and rumours start with the suggestions of a rouge planet, but then there are reports of some changes to orbits to planets in the solar system.
The BBC news breaks with the news that the consensus amongst astronomers is that a rogue black hole is entering the solar system; on a collision course, with the Sun and Earth.
It is some way off, but will arrive within the next couple of years.
People try to think of a way to save the Earth, but the best that can be though of is to try to plead for hep from aliens.
No help comes.....much of the world's economy starts to fall apart; rioting....marshal law is imposed by many countries......cut to the scene on new years eve, and Newton has been having talks with government officials and is standing near big ben; the streets are empty, and the sky is filled with the sight of the black hole,still 50million miles away. Already the orbit of Earth has changed greatly....
Just as big ben strikes midnight, Newton wakes up in bed...(similar to ground hog day), and he wonders where he is....looking in the mirror, he is twenty years younger......he is in his old flat(apartment) that he lived in as a student.

He goes out and meets his old friends, and he wonders if he is in a dream.
Decides that it isn't a dream, and that he has jumped back twenty years in time to the 90s.....he wonders if it was something to do with the back hole, the gravitational power of a BH looping him back somehow..

He contacts an observatory and asks them to look for anything strange in the direction where he knew the BH had been first spotted...and there is something spotted, and he tells them the truth, which they obviously find hard to believe....and so they ignore the anomaly.

Newton gets his professorship, and spends then coming years, finding as much as he can about black holes holes. Ten years pass and he is contacted by someone who says that the anomaly he directed them towards, is worrying a lot of them....and some wonder if it is, indeed, a black hole....The government is informed, and it is decided to treat the object as if it is a BH, and other countries are informed, and they start to invest huge amounts of money into research, trying to find a way out of the situation.

The news gets out and destabilises the world's population again.
By the tie newyears eve 2018 comes again, Newton is in a government bunker. The world's economy in ruins....he wakes up again in 1995......This time he decides that as few a people as possible must find out what is going to happen. So he just gets heavily involved in research.

Each time he goes back, in time, he has a lot more knowledge, about the laws of nature. He has an eidetic memory. Each time he can go further, become more famous, with his 'discoveries'...

He marries a woman, in one incarnation, and the next tie he loops back he has a mental breakdown, over the loss....he doesn't want to get into a relationship with the woman again, and decides to spend this loop just travelling around the world, and he ends up becoming an artist.

The next loop he gets back into the research..

Eventually he ends up with enough knowledge that he thinks he can save the world, by building a fleat of space ships that can carry everyone in search of another star....so this time he lets his colleagues know, and the government know.
He has accumulated millions of years, with these loops, and each loop has got the government to invest in huge research equipment, like giant particle accelerators.

Eventually he can get the world to a really high technological level, and they colonise the solar system, and when the tie comes to tell everyone about the black hole, they have years left to build a huge fleet of space craft, so they are home and dry.

A year before the BH enters the solar system, he has an idea...he starts to do some more research..

His project is 'Project Ground State'.
Some people go off to the stars early, some remain....There are plenty of escape ships, but with project ground state , Newton thinks they won't be necessary....he thinks that he can use the black hole, to save the actual Earth. The film ends with newton clicking his mouse, and the whole Earth travels down a giant worm hole, and appears orbiting a new star...

The End

It might be nice to collaborate and fill in gaps and stuff.