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The Most Disturbing Kids Coloring Book Ever

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  • Let’s take a magical journey together through a super-special kids coloring book apparently aimed at the budding sociopath! We’ll discover such enriching activities as a eugenics-themed multiple choice quiz, a hands-on activity of how to properly mutilate infants, and more than you’d ever care to know about semen! So glove on up and let’s go!

  • This video takes a *colorful* look (couldn’t stop myself) at the profoundly disturbing propaganda of the pork industry. The astoundingly inappropriate coloring book we travel through was brought to you by the Pork Checkoff program of the National Pork Board, itself overseen by the United States Department of Agriculture. See the videos linked in the description on YouTube for educational content actually appropriate for kids, to learn how pigs are really treated, and to encounter more unbelievably blatant propaganda.

Indian Summer

Cult Leader
Wow, that's pretty disturbing! What parent in their right mind would let their children near that colouring book, though?!

Thank you for making this video.