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News The Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll


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I saw this product made with Quorn, on Good Morning Britain, this morning. Apparently, it's delicious but has already
received negative reviews, due to the roll being called 'sausage'.


What does the new vegan sausage roll taste like?

The Sun.couk

THE Sun had a sneak preview taste of the meat and dairy-free pastry. Here's what we thought:
The Sun was one of the first to try the new vegan sausage roll.
It arrived at Sun Towers in a white phone box that looks almost identical to the ones an iPhone comes in.
A sausage roll worth £1 might not be quite as exciting as buying a new phone, but Greggs clearly hopes it will create the same amount of buzz.
The pastry has the same golden colour as it does normally, and you wouldn't be able to tell that this is a meat-free product from just looking at it.
And even when you break into it, the filling is the same pale beige as cooked sausage meat.
But surely it can't taste of meat too?
Honestly - I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

The filling is soft and mild with a hint of pepper.

The pastry is flaky as you like too, and I actually think it might be better than what you get with the meaty sausage roll.

It maybe doesn't have the same depth of flavour as sausage meat, but if you'd told me there was actually pork inside, I'd have believed you.

There's a small price difference and it's not much healthier for you.

But if they run out of meaty sausage rolls, then you won't be hard done by if you pick the vegan option.
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There are all kinds of sensible articles about this new product ;) ...

People who laugh at ‘snowflakes’ currently losing their shit over vegan sausage rolls

There is also a pretty positive review of it here:
We tried Greggs' new vegan sausage roll and compared it to the meat version
I cannot open your 2 nd link.

Regardless of the reviews, Greggs certainly received a lot of publicity in the news with regard to their vegan sausage roll.

Perhaps it was just a publicity stunt ? :rolleyes:
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Interesting take here:

Zelo Street: Piers Morgan Greggs Rant A PUBLICITY STUNT

Zelo Street said:
Former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan did not get where he is today without learning some of the lower-order tricks of the publicity trade. He was pals with former PR fixer-turned-criminal Max Clifford, the man who brought Sun readers “Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster”. He knows the value of flying a kite to raise someone’s publicity profile.
This should have been borne in mind when he launched into his latest apparently motiveless tirade, this time at take-out snack specialists Greggs. The company has just launched a vegan sausage roll. Well, big deal. But what would make this new product really fly off the hot tray would be a little recognition, the kind that someone with a 6.5 million Twitter following could bring. And, by complete coincidence, it just happened.
Morgan inexplicably took to Twitter to apparently put the boot in. After Greggs told their followers “The wait is over”, he responded, right on cue, “Nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns”, then followed up with “Just ordered a large sausage roll on room service. A meat one. Real meat. The vegan resistance starts here”.
The result was all that a PR agency could wish, as the Sun confirmed “clearly people wanted to try it for themselves as dozens of people said that their local branch had sold out of the treats … They were furious that they didn't get to try the new sausage-less pastry”. So which PR agency might that have been, then?

Well, the finger of suspicion has come to rest on Taylor Herring, they of “creative brand communications”, or as most people call it, PR and product placement. Look down their list of clients and there is … Piers Morgan - with TH’s work on his appalling book The Insider.

Now scroll up almost to the top and there is … Greggs. “Award-winning work for the UK’s No 1 ‘food on the go’ brand”. So where is my Occam’s Razor pointing me right now? This is faux outrage, just to sell a product. It’s worked. And no-one stopped and asked why.