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The Dog Thread


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Have you ever tried taking photos of dogs ? They move constantly and don't pose for the camera. I think that she had the sun in her eyes and was having a hard time focusing on me when I called out her name.;)


Found it.

FACT CHECK: Is This 450-Pound Dog Real?

Considering how big some dogs actually do get, I’m not surprised if some people got fooled. :p
Yeah, considering that some breeds of Armenian gamprs are bigger than humans (big men),- someone could believe this story, but if to think, he (doggy) doesn't behave like a big dog, according to his alleged huge size. There are many technical inconsistencies in this video. Plus, many plugins have been applied in places where they wouldn't be needed if it was a real footage.


I saw this adorable doggy and his humans when they were on the crossroads of Peterhof highway. He was so big, fluffy and kind...<3 Then they moved towards the park "Alley of Glory". It's a very popular place among locals and all citizens of "Beautiful village district".