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The Cat Lovers Thread


Finally proven: This is why cats are afraid of cucumbers :oops:

This has always seemed strange to me, as our former kitty Kuzya was such a cucumber luvr, that if we wanted to call him from afar, or find him in a vast space, like our neighbourhoods at the country, we used to call him: "Kuzya! Oguryetz!" ("Kuzya! [C'mon, eat] a cucumber!"). If he saw a whole cucumber, he not only never got freaked out, but he started munching it immediately.😁🥒:cat:


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My Cali had a cut on her back paw about a month ago- no limping, or licking, I just noticed a dark spot that turned out to be dried blood, and removed what seemed to be a piece of litter, or hard scabs. We washed it and used antibiotic ointment and it seemed to have healed. Last weekend I found it had reopened. Well she went in and the vet said it was infected and got an antibiotic shot, and sent home with some antiseptic wipes and Manuka honey. She also had routine blood work done. She had lost over 2 pounds in last two years! She was, and still is really, overweight, I just hope shes okay!
I was surprised the cut didn't heal on it's own. I almost didn't take her in, but my son convinced me!


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^^^ That happens sometimes, by chance. Maybe a mutation for curly tails popped up somehow, or was there already, and it didn't harm the cats in any way- so it just spread.