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The Cat Lovers Thread


Stranger in a strange land
Basket cats:


The top photo is of Sir, who is a big boy with blue eyes. One of my girls, Desiree, has been hopelessly in love with him ever since she first laid eyes on him, but he is totally oblivious to her. She follows him around and is overjoyed if she manages to cuddle up to him for a few moments. It's very sad.

The gray cat with her back to the camera in the second picture is Guinevere. Sad to say, she is a total bitch. The kitty in the basket with her is her sister Alys, who is a total sweetheart. Alys looks like a little monkey, because her tail is always curled over her back.


I have a question: does anyone know where to find "Kedi" in English, or with subtitles? It's not that easy: every source where it had been for free, was blocked. And i don't speak Turkish, blin!:D



Stranger in a strange land
This is Rafael, the biggest of my boys. Before you feel sorry for him, crammed into a small basket, please note that there is a Rafael-sized basket sitting vacant right next to him.