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The Beer Thread

Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by beancounter, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss any and all aspects of beer and brewing.

    Also, please feel free to discuss mead and cider..the ugly stepchildren that neither the beer or wine geeks want hanging around
  2. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

    This was a poor example of a Dubbel. The only reason it received an OK score is because people give Sierra Nevada the benefit of the doubt. Look elsewhere for better examples of the style.

  3. danakscully64

    danakscully64 Well Known Member

    Best beer ever: Lindeman's Framboise Lambic. No competition.
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  4. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

    I agree. It's a great beer. Although lambics aren't for everyone.
  5. danakscully64

    danakscully64 Well Known Member

    People who don't like lambics are evil. :p Although not all are created equal.

    Lindeman's Black Currant is really good, peach and apple are okay, and I haven't tried the cherry one yet (it's in my fridge). Timmerman's brand lambics aren't my favorite, they're more dry and tart than sweet. I want some Lindemans right now, but I'm sick and shouldn't drink. :(
  6. RabbitLuvr

    RabbitLuvr I love rabbits.

    Rabbitville, USA
    I'm not a fan of lambics. Too sweet, and the ABV is too low.

    I haven't been feeling up to drinking much lately, but I'll bring my beer snobiness to this thread later in the summer.
  7. sleepydvdr

    sleepydvdr Veteran Member

    I love those breweries that offer sampler rounds of what the brew. Last weekend, a buddy and I went to Hops and got their sampler. They gave us 8 small mugs of beer for $3.50. This was easily 2-3 whole mugs of beer. A great deal, IMO. Plus, the waiter accidentally poured a beer that wasn't ordered and gave it to us for free. We got a heck of a deal that day.

    When my niece returns from her trip to Europe, hopefully we can get around to brewing the beer we keep planning to do (don't worry, she's 27). She hasn't brewed in about 3 years, but wants to get back into it. Maybe it's psychological, but I think homebrewed beer is much better than nearly any corporate made beer.
  8. Pirate

    Pirate Addicted Poster

    United Kingdom
    I like Peroni best. It's always the most expensive beer in pubs though : (
    I tend to avoid anything fancy as I'm crap at remembering what beers are vegan and which ones arent.
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  9. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

    Try this site:
  10. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

    Hops in AZ or have the expanded ito other states?

    Homebrewed back in the 90's. Don't have the time or equipment anymore. By corporate made beer, do you mean Bud Miller and Coors? "BMC".

    Because yes, urine taste better than what they produce.

    There are tons of excellent craft breweries all over the country and many of them distribute across the country.
    Personally, I'd rather pick up a 4 or 6 pack of a style than have to drink 5 gallons of the same beer, no matter how good it is.
    I guess I have beer ADD. :D Besides, I can't drink as much as I used to. The calaories really add up. :)
  11. sleepydvdr

    sleepydvdr Veteran Member

    There has been a Hops in Charlotte NC since the 90s. Looking at their website, they don't show one in AZ. Perhaps your Hops simply has the same name as the one near me. Here is my Hops' website:

  12. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

    I've been in a slump lately. all of the beers I've tried have been "meh" and not worth mentioning.
  13. Forster

    Forster 3-7-77

    I just tried Deschutes Brewery's Twilight Summer Ale. Fairly light and hoppy, but not IPA hoppy. Enjoyed it.
  14. sleepydvdr

    sleepydvdr Veteran Member

    A couple weeks ago, my niece and I started a beer homebrew. It has been going well. Today, I transferred our "beer baby" from the plastic jug to the glass one and put it back in the basement. First, I don't know what's up with transferring it to a different container except she said it will give us a more clear beer. OK, I'm down with that. Picking up the huge 5 gallon jug was not very fun. It was heavy and I nearly lost my step and got close to dropping it. But I held on to it with dear life and got it down there without a scratch.

    We are right on track for a few brews on the 4th of July.
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  15. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

    Good luck with your homebrew!

    Personally, I'd advise against using a plastic container..just to much opportunity for the beer to get infected.

    You niece is correct about making the beer clearer, but it's just not needed if you siphon it carefully.
  16. AeryFairy

    AeryFairy Anachronism

    Manchester, UK
    Brewdog make my favourite beers (vegan as long as it's not their cask ale).
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  17. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

    Just in case some of you ever stumble into New Hampshire, here's links/quick comments on local breweries:

    White Birch Brewery: they go after the "high end" market. A real beer geeks beer. Unfortuntely inconistent. When the beers are good, they're really good, but when they miss, it's a traumatic tastebud experience.

    Throwback Brewery: Their prices are moderate to high. Their niche is the "buy local"/"organic" crowd. Owned and run by two women, which is very unusual. The beers are consistent and more geared to the "everyman" taste who have graduated beyond bud,miller and coors.

    Squam brewing:
    Relatively new. The beers taste "green" or rough around the edges. He really needs work, but is being supported by "go local' retailers. IMO, needs to improve or he won't last.

    Candia Brewing: A good selectiion of decent beers, but nothing notable. Thir brown ale has a prominate alcohol taste which is distracting.

    Moat Mountain Smoke house and Brewery: Overpriced mediocre beers.
  18. Forster

    Forster 3-7-77

    You're not inspiring confidence in NH breweries. :p

    I'm going to have to check out some local breweries when I'm in NE Ohio next month. I've been relatively spoiled with local brews and those from Oregon and Colorado that make their way here.
  19. beancounter

    beancounter The Fire That Burns Within

    I didn't mention Smuttynose, because I thought everyone knew about them. They are the shining star here.

    Right now, craft beer is enjoying a surge of popularity similar to the 90's. Unfortuntely, quite a few breweries and/or brew pubs are opened by people who only care about profit and not beer. They survive for a while on novelty, but when the trendy types move on to other things, they can't sustain their business soley with the hard core craft drinkers - most who consider their beers "meh".
  20. Francesca_Bee

    Francesca_Bee Veteran Member

    Woah..... how can you say that about cider??

    Its made from apples dude :lick:

    Cider is big here in the UK.

    Everybody needs Westons in their life.
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