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US The 2020 Campaign for US President


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The article is behind a pay wall for me..but I bet it mentions trying to appear as a regular person, and how the majority of Americans still drink the swill, so they want to have the broadest appeal.
Pretty much. It goes into specifics too; for example, Reagan liked wine, but made sure to not be publicly seen drinking it. And:

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been longtime fans of Samuel Adams — the former president had it served at his 1993 inauguration. Al Gore was a fan, too. The company proudly displayed a thank-you letter he wrote to the brewery as vice president for dropping off some Sam at his Boston hotel. However, they rarely, if ever, knocked back the craft brew in public.
Former president Barack Obama was a little more forward in his love of richer, more artisanal beers. Photos from his presidency show him drinking what are clearly porters (or stouts) and maybe even the odd IPA. He also had the White House Mess home-brew a honey ale made partially from the fruits of a beehive on the executive mansion’s grounds.
But for the photo op when Obama and Biden met with the professor and the cop, it was Bud Light all the way.

Remember the uproar when Obama asked for dijon mustard?


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So, we're still waiting for these guys to decide whether they're going to run:


I'm noticing a theme here. I'm starting to think of them as the B List.:p


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These are the individuals who have formally declared:



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Booker has announced. The field is getting crowded. :D
I think we will also see the following announcing:


And these seem likely too:

Sherrod Brown
Amy Klobuchar

Gabbard is already pretty much sunk. When the word from your campaign us that you are both impulsive and indecisive, that's not a good sign.

Yang, Delaney and Buttegieg will be out soon too.
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Bernie Sanders announces run for presidency in 2020: 'We're gonna win'

Bernie declared and I found his video (above) quite inspiring.

I found it interesting where he said in the latter part of his video (8-10 minutes in I think) about how a lot of his supposedly radical policies are supported by the majority of Americans and he listed the following policies below. I fact checked this, and I think it's true.

I did a google search to see if it's true that a majority of Americans support the policies he claimed they do, and it seemed to be correct in all cases (as suggested by links below) that the statements below are supported by >50%.

Medicare for all https://theglobepost.com/2018/12/04/medicare-for-all-support/

$15 minimum wage Poll: Majority of voters support $15 minimum wage

aggressively combat climate change Most Americans want 'aggressive' action on climate change: Reuters/Ipsos poll | Reuters

demanding the wealthy pay fair share of taxes Taxing the rich is very popular; it’s Republicans who have the radical position

free tuition in public colleges and Universities College should be tuition-free, 60% of Americans say in survey

It's quite curious how "radical" policies are ones supported by the majority of the people. When he declared the last time (2015 or 2016) I felt some of his policies, like a $15 minimum hourly wage, would be opposed by the majority of Americans and might be too left wing for him to win.

Still, I wonder how much the numbers would drop off if the questions were changed to "would YOU be willing to pay more taxes in order to support this policy".

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Trump gets just 41 or 42% in head to head match ups against 7 likely Democratic candidates for President. He trails Joe Biden 53-41, Bernie Sanders 51-41, Kamala Harris 48-41, Beto O’Rourke 47-41, Elizabeth Warren 48-42, and Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand each 47-42.

According to people actually putting their money where their mouth is, the order of favourites for Democrat candidate is:
1. Kamala Harris (20-25% chance to win nomination according to bookies odds)
2= Beto ORourke and Joe Biden (15% chance each)
4. Bernie Sanders (10% chance)
5. Elizabeth Warren. Amy Kloubchar, Sherrod Brown (6% each)
8. Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Michael Bloomberg, Kirsten Gillibrand (5% each)
US Presidential Election 2020 Democrat Candidate | Politics

Joe Biden's odds to win factor in that he may not declare. If he declares his odds may go up to 20%-25%.

If the betting market is correct, the odds are fairly high (possibly around 70%-90%) that the nominee will be one of the ones listed above. So I think I'll just follow the above ones for now.
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Makes me sick to even see Tulsi Gabbards name there.
I would certainly be willing to pay more taxes to have more services!

I'm not about to pay much attention for some time- like sometime late summer.
I'm loving Beto right now!