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Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?


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This weekend we are looking at making a vegetarian meatloaf for Sunday dinner and Chana Saag in the Instant Pot on Monday.
The lentil loaf we made gets positive review from both me and my boyfriend. I was concerned it could turn out too dry or bland, so I borrowed a meatloaf sauce/glaze from a traditional meatloaf recipe and added that on top of our veggie version. Very tasty!

I put dried chickpeas in water to soak this morning. I decided on the Chana Saag recipe from the Vegan Richa food blog. Hopefully it turns out well.


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On two separate occasions, we have tried to make a veggie pot pie soup. Once on the stovetop, then another version in the slow cooker. Both times were kind of lacking. If you have a reliable pie recipe, I'd like to try it.
I veganize the Betty Crocker Cookbook recipe by swapping the chicken for broccoli (same amount, 2 cups) and still adding the peas and carrots (it calls for a 10 oz. package of frozen peas and carrots, but I end up using fresh carrots most of the time and either frozen or canned peas).

Also, where it says to add salt, I use celery salt instead and a little poultry seasoning. When you're making the filling, I wouldn't let it thicken so much, unless you want it that way. So don't boil it for a minute as instructed if you want it more brothy. If you like the thickness, then do the boiling. I could totally eat the filling right out of the pot.


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I sauteed onions, then took them out and cooked a cup of orzo covered in water with BtB no chik'n and Frontier no chik'n powder- that's kinda creamy. added the cut up shreds, onions, some roasted garlic and fresh spinach to wilt. Super good! :lick: