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TV & Film Stranger Things

I think the second series of ST was better than I thought at first, I think I was a little cranky as I had the flu when I watched it.:blush:

Someone sent me this.:p


Jamie in Chile

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Watched Episode 1 of Series 1 with my daughter last year. She was 10 then, now 11. I was hoping it could be something we could watch together. However after one episode she wasn't keen to carry on, she isn't mad keen with spooky stuff. However she told me today her friends at school have told her it's very good, so maybe she'll have a rethink.
I watched 4-5 episodes with my daughter before she got impatient with my strategy of watching an episode every day or two and just started watching them on her own. She's on Season 2 now. I'm going to wait for her to finish and they see if she wants to carry on season 1 with me. I'll watch it if it's something we can watch together, otherwise I'm not bothered.

I thought the first episode was the best, and the rest were fairly average. Some of the human relationship drama is good, but the sci-fi/horror aspect of it is spectacularly unoriginal, basically a large amount of copying ET plus some copying of other bits and pieces, plus some random wierdness. I think it's better for people in the age range 10-20 because they won't even realize that is just a mish-mash of other things that were done better decades ago, and therefore will enjoy it more.

Maybe I'm judging a bit early, but things tend to either get worse or stay the same rather than get better.

I'm still struggling for a really good Netflix series at the moment. I tend to read books and just turn on the Netflix when I get too tired for reading.


MadamSarcastra, over & out.
At the risk of repeating myself, I love that kid.
Just watched season one (again) all the way through on DVD rentals (after already re-watching the first few episodes on Netflix quite a while back).... Yeah, Dustin's still my favorite character. A close second is definitely Hopper. Those are my top two faves for sure.

Jamie in Chile

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I just watched the last episode of season 2 with my daughter. She will be pleased to hear that season 3 is official. She's just gone to bed so missed the news! Not a huge surprise, especially after the last shot of season 2 and so many half developed story lines in season 2 that looked deliberately unfinished.