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Silly/Annoying/Funny Things Omnis Say


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"I'd like to see you walk out when someone else orders a steak burrito at Chipotle" my mom.
I made the choice not to be around others while they eat meat. Some people are ok with that, others not so much.
It does bother me more when people I know eat meat vs complete strangers. When it comes to complete strangers, I think they must not know any other way, maybe they never even heard the word vegan. When someone knows what the animals go through, that there are alternatives, and they choose to eat meat anyway, I look at them differently. I choose not to be around them while they make those choices. Maybe that gives me the appearance that I'm stuck up. I like to avoid discomfort when I can. Anyone who uses me as an example of how all vegans behave is ignorant. I am my own person.
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It is funny! I first saw it on FB and cracked up.

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I wanted some vegan food and the waiter said I can have ham and eggs without the ham. Since when are eggs vegan?
And yesterday I was told I can have some fish. :wtf:The guy who said that commented on my food all the time. He thought he was funny.:fp:
I just read this gem on a forum.:argh::bang:

I am working on getting rid of the cat..... or giving DH the ultimatum to start cleaning up after it himself or it is gone. Darn thing pees ALL OVER the garage, and on anything sitting on or near garage floor... mainly because DH does not clean its litter box,(his cat, his job, right?) the poor frustrating, stinky, thing!


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A veg*an should eat meat when they visit a omni's home, or else they don't respect the omnis. This also apply to Muslims and eating pork at a non-Muslim homes. It's the only way they will be equal, as the omnis will get served veg*an food if they visit a veg*an.

If a veg*an lives with a omni, they have to put meat on the table every day. Even though the omni never cook a singel meal in the house. If not, the veg*an should eat meat the same amount of days the omni eats veg*an dishes.
Said about veggie diets to me - "I don't go in for those fad diets", I said "Well, so far this fad has almost lasted a quarter of a century for me" haha, he did apologise.

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Said about veggie diets to me - "I don't go in for those fad diets", I said "Well, so far this fad has almost lasted a quarter of a century for me" haha, he did apologise.
I celebrated my 20th veggieversary this year. That’s a pretty long time to embrace a FAD diet. :p

(In fact, I recommend that anyone who’s been a veg*an for more than five or ten years should make sure to tell people about it if they harass you over your diet. It stops them cold.)


Yesterday my mom boiled some macaroni for me, and then for some reason she put real butter in it, i mean that fat stinky butter! When i asked why she would do that, she uttered: "I put just a little piece! Try it, it's tasty!":wtf:Thank god, there remained some pasta without it, so i had something to eat. She is indeed a cheese and butter luvr.:cthulhu:


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Got a screenshot today from a vegan discussion.

"When will people start to understand that humans are mammals".

I really hope people should stop think that humans are reptiles!


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"All of our beers have yeast in them, so as a true vegan, you wouldn't be able to have them since yeast is a living organism." This came in an email exchange with the general manager of a restaurant I went to that had a snarky note on the menu about not specializing in allergy-sensitive or vegan foods. :rolleyes: