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US Senator Declares War on Almond Milk


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If we are not supposed to call it almond milk, what ARE we supposed to call it?


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Almond juice?

Though I think "almond beverage" would be a better option, or "almond cream."

Amy SF

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For quite some time, there have been certain products sold in the US as a "nondairy beverage" or a "nondairy dessert". These have traditionally been marketed to people who are lactose intolerant; it's only lately that they've been bought by vegans, although they're not intended to be strictly vegan products and it's possible they have objectionable ingredients such as caseinate, palm oil and HFCS, as well as nonvegan sugar. There has never been any question that these are meant to be substitutes for the dairy versions and nobody had a problem with how they're labeled.

Indian Summer

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I suppose that anything that is made using almonds, soya, oats is obviously not milk.
That doesn't seem obvious to me. It's plant milk, as opposed dairy milk or animal milk. Some plant milks have been used and known as 'milk' in the English language for centuries.
1390 – “Almond milk” is first mentioned in English in The Forme of Cury. It came to be widely used in Europe during Lent – the first popular non-dairy milk in the Western world.
1704 – Soymilk is first mentioned in English by Domingo Fernandez Navarrete in his book A Collection of Voyages and Travels. Navarrete served as a Dominican missionary in China.
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