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Rules for posting recipes

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What should be included
If you want to post a recipe in the Recipes section, then it must contain the recipe itself. It is not sufficient to just post a link to the recipe or a link to a video. The recipe should contain a list of ingredients and instructions for how to arrive at a successful result.

If you have pictures or maybe a video for the recipe, then please do include that as well.

If you just want to post a link or video, then please post it in the External Recipe Videos & Links forum.

If you are posting someone else's recipes, e.g. from another website or from a cookbook, please keep in mind that unless the recipe is specifically licenced as a free document, then it's probably copyright protected. However, you can still post the recipe here with just a little effort:
  1. The ingredients list can be copied as is, word for word.
  2. The method / instructions part should preferably be rephrased just a little. Maybe you can e.g. change how the instructions are divided up in steps, by dividing it up into more steps (or fewer steps), use different words, add in your own two cents if you've tried to follow the recipe yourself? And if you have your own pictures, that is a definite plus.
  3. Also, please give proper attribution. Use e.g. the words "adapted from", "based on" or "inspired by", depending on how much a recipe has been revised. You can skip attribution only when the recipe has been changed so substantially that it no longer resembles its source.
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