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Question Recipes - non-spicy (chili, garlic etc)



Hi. I need some help, I can't find recipes for vegetarians that don't include, chillis, garlic, etc Due to health reasons I can't eat these or highly spiced food and I can't seem to find flavoursome foods to eat.


Stranger in a strange land
Get an assortment of herbs and use those in place of garlic and "hot" spices. Your food doesn't have to be bland just because you cut out the hot spices.

If you're not used to using a variety of spices and are worried about what goes well with what, go to a spice shop like Penzey's ( if you're in the U.S.). They have a lot of spice blends, and from there you can start figuring out what combinations appeal to you. You can of course also order online, but if you have a physical store nearby, you have the advantage of smelling before you buy.