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Reasons and processes behind reverting to meat-eating?


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I'm not denying the transition is difficult, much more so when you cut out dairy and eggs than when you cut out meat, because it requires whole new methods of cooking and baking, with substitution of some basic ingredients. That can be daunting for some. And some people feel much more strongly about fitting in with the norm than others do.

However, it's not as though any of us were starving, or short on food. As a matter of fact, I eat a greater variety of food than I did when I was an omni, because I started looking at a whole new range of foods rather than relying on the standby meat, starch and a couple of vegetables that is the omni default.

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I remembered something else I was going to say.:weird: Maybe commitment would be a better term rather than sacrifice as I think it does take a certain level of commitment to have a lifestyle outside the norm.


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It's much easier if you have a vegan kitchen/household. I sympathize with people with roommates or those who live with non-vegan families.


I do understand the points that everyone is making.

For me, giving up meat was so very easy. Eggs were easy but dairy was more difficult.

I feel like it's a sacrifice for me because I feel deprived. So I guess I'm relating the willingness to continue to be deprived as sacrificing.